D.Fenstec Srl, based in Altavilla Vicentina (Vicenza), is a company with years of experience in the wellness industry. Thanks to an idea of the managing director Gaetano Bertinato and based on clinical research, the company has developed an innovative technology: FIT Therapy. Depending on which product is used, this technology brings a host of specific benefits, without the use of drugs or thermal...

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Products from FIT THERAPY (3)

  • FIT Therapy Lady

    Product FIT Therapy Lady

    A kit of three patches which reduce menstrual cycle pain.

    How does FIT Therapy technology work?

    Due to its biophysical action, FIT Therapy technology is able to reflect the bioenergetic rays emitted by our body and are normally dispersed in the form of heat. This technology brings a...
  • FIT Therapy Patch

    Product FIT Therapy Patch

    Discover FIT Therapy Patch, a range of patches that relieve musculoskeletal pain. • Patches with no medication or thermal shock • Water proof and ergonomic shape for each pathology • They last up to 5 days • Unscented and useful in case of inflammation • They promote functional recovery and improve mic...
  • FIT Therapy Posture

    Product FIT Therapy Posture

    An insole that increases balance and postural stability.

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