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PandemiCam — our greatest chance yet to detect, monitor and beat COVID-19?

30 Mar 2020

Joint venture between Spinview and VR Media Technology creates device that provides accurate and fast detection of infectious people with far greater clarity than any single parameter test available today.

If not the deadliest, the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is certainly the most serious contagious disease to have crossed continents in modern times. One of the biggest challenges is screening en-masse for the detection of infectious individuals. Today’s current methods are rudimentary (measuring only temperature) or very expensive and time-consuming (swab test).

A joint venture between Spinview and VR Media Technology has created an effective weapon against coronavirus. Using a proven successful matrix of sensors, PandemiCam can identify a wide range of symptoms to indicate infection, in seconds. Once the device is installed, unlimited tests can be performed without having to rely on consumable materials. The device is able to operate en-masse and report to a central server for infection monitoring and tracking. Accuracy is much higher than with non-contact thermometers, as the system can scan thousands of measurements per second across an entire spectrum of sensors, including, but going well beyond, only temperature. COVID-19 is known to affect physiological parameters such as temperature, respiration, hydration, sweating, flushing and coughing. PandemiCam is a non-invasive multisensory device, which is designed to collect information from multiple sensors to ‘read’ the COVID-19 symptom parameters in every person it scans. PandemiCam combines the use of mathematics and artificial intelligence (AI) with pre-existing sensors into one revolutionary scanning unit enabling widespread screening with ease. The collected data is fused together by the system and feed through AI, to provide accurate and fast detection of infectious people with far greater clarity than any single parameter test available today. The complex scanning system can help authorities across the globe limit the spread of COVID-19, assisting in the management of precious healthcare resources in real-time. Where current single parameter tests such as temperature have to be measured individually, PandemiCam is able to screen groups of people and even scan at a distance for the safety necessitated by this particular disease. Against a city grid, PandemiCam allows for the real-time mapping of symptoms. Quick identification of hotspots allows for localised restrictions and resource allocations, reducing financial damage and human danger. Dr Katarina Gospic, Director of Neuroscience at Spinview, said: "Our invention can give real-time information about the general health status of a population. This is data can contribute to a healthier world. The more frequently we can screen for infection in the case of corona, the better we will be at limiting spread. Healthcare systems could be provided with the number of infectious people in real-time, which would enable them to plan resources. Screening is crucial to winning the battle against corona."

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