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Lucy Chard
16 Jun 2023

Detecting Alzheimer's disease with a simple lateral flow test

A novel rapid diagnostic test for early-stage Alzheimer's disease has been developed using a biomarker binder from Aptamer Group along with technology from Neuro-Bio, the neurodegenerative disease experts. 

We’re all quite familiar with the lateral flow test now, since the COVID-19 pandemic where they were used to test for infection with the virus, but now developers from Aptamer Group working with the biotechnology group Neuro-Bio, have devised a lateral flow test for Alzheimer’s disease.

Apatamer Group are behind the novel Optimer® binders, to be used in the life sciences industry. Neuro-Bio used their expertise to develop therapies for neurodegenerative diseases. Coming together, they have developed a panel of Optimer binders to a novel Alzheimer’s disease biomarker. The binders have demonstrated good performance in binding to the target biomarker in a nasal mucous matrix, once incorporated into a lateral flow testing kit the test will be able to be used for rapid detection of Alzheimer’s in a nasal sample. 

The test could be used for clinical diagnostics for the disease in the early stages, even as much as 10–20 years before the onset of symptoms. The novel biomarker is a peptide – T14 – discovered and currently being validated further by a team led by Susan Greenfield at Neuro-Bio. 

Being able to detect Alzheimer’s disease early on is paramount to starting treatments and preventative therapies to mitigate the effects of the disease in patients, including memory loss and confusion. Neuro-Bio is also working on a therapy to compliment the diagnostic breakthrough, with a view to halting disease progression in patients diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease at this early stage before symptoms occur. 

Rob Quinn, Interim Chief Executive Officer of Aptamer Group, commented: 

“We are pleased to be able to support the team at Neuro-Bio with the development of Optimer binders to enable their revolutionary diagnostic for Alzheimer’s disease. Optimer binders have proven performance in lateral flow test formats and our success in delivering functional Optimer binders to Neuro-Bio’s biomarker facilitates further diagnostic development. With an increasingly aging population and no current tests available for early-stage diagnosis, the advancement of new biomarkers and diagnostics in this field offers hope to the millions of patients and their loved ones worldwide.”

Susan Greenfield, CEO of Neuro-Bio, added:

“We’re delighted to be working with Aptamer Group on this potentially game-changing technology to combat one of the biggest unmet medical needs of our time. It’s a further example of UK ingenuity and teamwork for highly innovative and disruptive science.”

Source: Aptamer Group. Aptamer Group and Neuro-Bio partner to develop an Alzheimer’s disease diagnostic test. [Date accessed 15.06.2023] 

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Lucy Chard
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