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Lucy Chard
25 Oct 2023

CPHI Podcast Series: What does the changing US Pharma market mean for industry and patients alike?

In this week's episode of the CPHI Podcast Series Lucy Chard, Digital Editor for CPHI Online is joined by James Manser to discuss the political and market changes in the US pharma field.

The podcast is a timely update on the US pharma field, more specifically regarding the drug market, including the price negotiations and giving an overview of the Inflation Reduction Act, and the consequences these changes will have on the industry across the USA and the globe. 

James Manser is the President of Pantheon Strategies LLC, a consulting company focused on policy development and messaging to policymakers. James brings over 20 years of government experience having worked on campaigns and in executive staff positions spanning local, state, and federal government. Most of his career has been focused on advancing economic development in the pharmaceutical industry and access to innovative therapies for patients. Previously James served as Head of Office of the Government Affairs department for a global pharmaceutical company. In this role he was responsible for all government affairs activity as well as managing the Patient Assistance Program, serving as chair of the Political Action Committee, and serving as chair of the Corporate Philanthropic Committee.

The podcast will aim to cover the recent changes in legislature around drug pricing in the USA, and what this means for the global pharma market, as well as the impact it will have on the US population in terms of access to medicine. The price negotiations with Medicare are targeting medications used in the treatment of many chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. We will take a look at what this means for people with chronic disease, and conversely the impact on the individual pharma companies and then more widely, on innovation in the industry. 

James was able to give such great context and insights to the conversation, remarking on different perspectives that all come into play, which was extremely valuable and real food for thought! 

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