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  • Product GMP Manufacturing

    GenIbet runs projects covering a broad spectra of Biopharmaceuticals development, including Recombinant proteins, Vaccines, RNA, Live Microbial Products and Cell and Gene Therapy products. GenIbet has experience with mammalian, avian and insect cells (A549, CAP, CHO, EB66, HEK293, SF9, MDCK, Vero), Bacteria a...

    TECNALIA, experts in Pharmaceutical Development, Scale-up & Pilot Batches Manufacturing, Clinical Trials and Contract Manufacturing

    • Preformulation studies.
    • Design and galenic developmen...
  • Product Vetter Development Service

    The period from preclinical through Phase III is pivotal and sometimes unpredictable for new molecules, particularly today’s complex compounds. With Vetter Development Service, you have a partner you can trust to support you throughout drug product development, clinical manufacturing, and regulatory approval....
  • Product Safety Services

    Navitas Life Sciences can help you create and implement an effective lifecycle benefit-risk strategy to ensure patient safety, as well as to keep your products on the market. Navitas Life Sciences has defined and upheld PV compliance with more than 40 life sciences companies to date. We know the futur...
  • Product Clinical Supply

    Recipharm have more than 20 years experience supplying clinical trial material to our clients. Our development facilities cater for a range of clinical trials from preclincal to smaller Phase III trials. We also offer commercial manufacturing for very large clinical batches.
  • Product Bioanalytical Services (GLP/GCP)

    Services for Bioanalysis (GLP/GCP): In our state-of-the-art facilities, we provide GLP/GCP method development, validation, method transfer, sample analysis and pharmacokinetic and toxicokinetic support, along with automated data collection and reporting systems. Over the past 20 years, we have supported th...
  • Product PHSE INDIA

    • Mumbai / Ahmedabad / Hyderabad • 24hr operations 7 days per week, 365 days per year • GDP compliant warehouses in Mumbai • Walk in cold chain facilities for high volume supply of temperature controlled packaging Pre filled Dry shippers for next day supply • Active and passive bulk container spec...
  • Product Clinical API Development

    CARBOGEN AMCIS has a DNA in API development, stretching back over 30 years. Our API development teams are selected for their passion for science and experience in the application of phase-appropriate efforts to solve challenging chemistry issues. From taking a promising molecule from our clients' medicin...
  • Product Clinical Trial Manufacturing

    Understanding that early phase clinical testing is a pivotal milestone in the development of your drug product, Quotient offers a clinical trial manufacturing, testing and certification service designed to meet your individual requirements. Our innovative method of building integrated GMP and GCP programs pro...
  • Product Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADC)

    hen selecting AbbVie Contract Manufacturing, you are partnering with a leading developer and manufacturer focused on accelerating and mitigating risks to program timelines and on efficiently fast-tracking your program to completion. AbbVie’s mAb and ADC state-of-the-art facility and expert scientific team are...
  • Product Contract Development Manufacturing Organization (CDMO)

    GenIbet Biopharmaceuticals is a GMP biopharmaceutical CDMO offering highly specialized GMP manufacturing and development services to research groups, Biotech and Pharma companies. GenIbet core activity is the manufacture and supply of materials for use in early stage drug development, pre-clinical studies...
  • Product Regulatory Services

    As experts with more than 100,000 regulatory submissions under our belt, Navitas Life Sciences has the capabilities to support the regulatory end-to-end lifecycle management across the entire value chain of drug and device regulatory environment. We offer unit-based pricing, which is our unique outcom...
  • Product GENETIC DIAGNOSIS - Pharmacogenetics

    TECNALIA, experts in Pharmaceutical Development, Scale-up & Pilot Batches Manufacturing, Clinical Trials and Contract Manufacturing

    TECNALIA´s Genetic and Molecular Biology  Lab develops a strong activity in the field of Genetic Diagnosis, focused on three main areas:
    • Diagnosis of...

    TECNALIA, experts in Pharmaceutical Development, Scale-up & Pilot Batches Manufacturing, Clinical Trials and Contract ManufacturingPilot

    Batches and Registration Batches /
    • Manufacture in compliance with the principles and guidelines of GMP for medicinal products.
    • Transfer of a...
  • Product Bioequivalence studies

    Intertek offers wide range of pharmaceutical services which includes bioequivalence studies. It belongs to bioanalytical services for preclinical and clinical studies category. Contact us for more information.
  • Product Clinical Pharmacology

    When you are looking for a partner who is dedicated to Phase I trials and early clinical development, rely on Quotient Sciences for the experience and expertise to seamlessly deliver your studies with the highest quality service and speed. We accelerate your molecule from first-in-human to proof-of-concept, h...
  • Product Phase 3 or Commercial Support

    Taking the molecule to market• Fate & purge studies
    • Impurities marker synthesis &qualification
    • Design of experiments
    • Critical process parameters studies
    • Preparation for, and execution ofprocess validation
    • Continuing CMC support during &after market launch
    • Technology t...
  • Product Phase 2 Support

    Setting the stage for the commercial process:• Route or step rebuild
    • Process optimization &demonstration
    • Impurities assessment & synthesis
    • Full structure characterization &elucidation
    • Analytical method development &qualification
    • Stress studies & ICH stability stand...
  • Product BDD Swift - adaptive clinical studies

    •SWIFT accelerates evaluation and optimisation of product performance using in vivo clinical data to direct formulation design in real time.
    •SWIFT studies enable you to make decisions on formulation changes based on emerging clinical data. • This integration of formulation development, GMP manufacturin...
  • Product Home Nursing

    Our Home Nursing service brings the clinical trial directly to the patient. This service allows PI and SI to administer treatments and monitor outcomes in the comfort of the patient’s home. This eliminates the inconvenience of travelling to a site for the patient and may also have benefits for sponsors by...

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