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Lucy Chard
8 Mar 2023

CPHI Podcast Series: Celebrating International Women’s Day by championing women’s health

The March episode of the CPHI Podcast Series is dedicated to celebrating International Women's Day, followng the theme #EmbraceEquity in the context of women's health. 

Special guest Dr Charlotte Fairweather discusses the different aspects of women's health that have been overlooked, the progress that has been made despite of the many challenges, and what she hopes we can improve for the future. 

As part of celebrating International Women’s Day on the 8th March 2023, we wanted to highlight the importance of supporting women’s health. Historically, women’s medicine – in relation to diseases, and sexual and reproductive rights – has been chronically overlooked in the wider field. We hope to use this podcast to open up a wider conversation to educate and empower women so they can access the healthcare they need.  

I am joined by Dr Charlotte Fairweather, who holds the position as Global Medical Innovation Strategy Lead for Bayer (Leverkusen, Germany). Charlotte also worked as Senior Medical Adviser for Women’s Health within Bayer. She has over 10 years’ experience as a GP and Sports Medicine Physician specialising in the female athlete. She has supported some of the country’s top female athletes, Olympians and Paralympians. Charlotte is passionate about challenging the status quo in women’s health and driving better health outcomes for women. 

Our following conversation covered why women's health hasn't always been seen as a priority in the medical field, despite the myriad of different ways this affects the health of the population as a whole. Charlotte highlights how disparities in women's access to healthcare is a global issue, that women have the right to equal access to medicine wherever they are, and how this has been impacted by recent global events. 

Charlotte's passion for this topic was palpable, please listen via the link below to hear more about her inspiring vision for the future of women's health. 

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Lucy Chard
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