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Vivian Xie
10 Apr 2024

More to celebrate at the CPHI Milan Pharma Awards 2024

CPHI Barcelona Pharma Awards 2023

The CPHI Milan Pharma Awards, which are now open for nominations until 18 May 2024, celebrate the innovators making a difference. This year, two new categories have been added to further honour the contributions of a diverse range of pharma professionals. 

This year, the CPHI Milan Pharma Awards are excited to present the Woman of the Year award and the Future Leader award to foster a culture of inclusion and recognise different perspectives to challenges faced by the pharmaceutical industry. The awards will be presented to the winners at the CPHI Milan Pharma Awards on October 8, 2024.  

Additionally, we're excited to introduce a new addition to our flagship CPHI event - CPHI Celebration is our newest take on the annual Pharma Awards and Networking Party! CPHI events are built around connections forged between colleagues, partners, and peers from across the globe. CPHI Celebration will highlight the importance of these connections with an exclusive evening of top-level networking, drinks, and canapes against a backdrop of innovation. With a curated guest list of exhibitors and VIPs, come celebrate the 2024 CPHI Pharma Awards winners and network with the leading voices and brightest minds in our industry!

Woman of the Year  

This award aims to recognise the women leaders in pharma who inspire and uplift their peers and colleagues with a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Criteria for the award are Leadership & Collaboration, Advancement, Inspiration, and Contribution to the Wider Industry. These four criteria form the foundation from which deserving groups or individuals will be recognised and celebrated for their work. 

Through this new category, CPHI aims to recognise exemplary leaders who not only pave the way for progression, but also platforming the voices of others through their leadership. Initiatives and projects that promote and empower underrepresented communities will be highlighted. Groups or individuals who exemplify the facilitation of opportunities for women in the industry are what this award hope to recognise and endorse as role models within both their field and the wider pharmaceutical industry. Whether through mentorship, volunteering, employee initiatives, or leadership and coaching, these role models will have contributed to the diversification of the pharmaceutical industry.  

"Over the past year, across all major industries - film, television, music, health, automotive to name a few - women are showing that they continue to be a force to reckon with! With the number of women executives in pharma expected to reach 40% by 2027 (as noted by, THIS is why CPHI Women is such an important recognition to celebrate the women in pharma and biotech companies securing a seat at the table."

- Demetria Johnson, CDP, D&I Early in Career Partner, Americas, Genentech

By recognising the outstanding work of all applicants and nominees, CPHI hopes to further the conversation on diversity and inclusion in the pharmaceutical industry. Education, recognition, and collaboration is what makes this award a tenant of CPHI’s core principles. 

“There is a huge room for more (gender) diversity in pharma and biopharma – particularly in leadership roles. Therefore, we need more female role models, and we need to make them more visible. You can’t be what you can’t see.” 

- Thomas Kern, Managing Partner, Vinc – Life Sciences Strategic Transaction Advisory, CPHI Milan Award Juror 

"Recognising the CPHI Women of the Year isn't just about celebrating individual achievements - it's about honouring the resilience, ingenuity, and impact of global women across diverse pharma field and backgrounds. This award symbolises our collective commitment to gender equality and empowerment, showcasing the vital contributions of women to society and inspiring future generations to break barriers and pursue their dreams."

- Sanobar Syed, Business Strategy and Commercial Expert, CPHI Milan Award Juror

Future Leader 

Age may be just a number but with new generations of pharmaceutical professionals comes new ideas and perspectives. The Future Leader award aims to recognise the rising stars in the pharmaceutical industry who are bringing fresh approaches to the wider industry. Criteria for this award include Leadership & Collaboration, Personal Brand, Recognition, and Industry Involvement. 

Each nominee will have an outstanding record as an emerging talent or leader, whether they inspire their colleagues with additional roles and responsibilities or if they already manage their own teams. New ways of thinking and doing things is a vital part of being a Future Leader. The award winner will be a role model in innovation and original initiatives.  Additionally, the CPHI Future Leader will be an exemplary contributor to their community in thought leadership roles and furthering industry knowledge. They will be committed to developing the broader pharmaceutical industry, participating essential conversations pertinent to all colleagues and partners. 

Granting these rising stars a platform to showcase their work and talents is a key part of CPHI’s ethos in uplifting different voices in the pharmaceutical community. The CPHI Milan Future Leader Award hopes to honour those bringing a fresh approach to the industry.  

Whether you are a leader in your field or wish to nominate someone deserving of recognition, the CPHI Pharma Awards are designed to give worldwide recognition and global exposure to those enabling purposeful change and innovation within our industry. 

“The CPHI Awards bring talent and solutions together, all with the hope to build a healthier and more sustainable future for us all. I am immensely excited to get a small glimpse of the trailblazers paving the way for pharmaceuticals!” 

- Anita Vasilevska, Technical Marketing Manager, IMCD, CPHI Milan Award Juror 

Submit your entry here by May 18, 2024 – it is free to enter and open to exhibitors and non-exhibitors.  

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