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The NUVISAN group is a Contract Research Organization (CRO) and Contract Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) with its headquarters in Neu-Ulm and six sites in Germany and France (Neu-Ulm, Berlin, Grafing, Gauting, Waltrop and Sophia-Antipolis) in addition to monitoring activities with offices in Argentina, Peru and Brazil as well as in the USA.

NUVISAN offers integrated and coupled services and solutions along the drug development value chain from target identification to the patient with all supporting services (DMPK, GMP synthesis, formulation development and analysis, bioanalysis, Phase 1 CPU, clinical trial supplies and monitoring).

Having a proven track record to include over 40 years of continuous service is a testimony to the operational excellence and the experience of our 1.000 highly qualified employees.

From July 2020 NUVISAN went on to support early discovery through the acquisition of a complete research unit from Bayer which brings new dynamics to the NUVISAN group and its clients to include approximately 400 additional scientists. The ear...

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Products from Nuvisan GmbH

  • Bioanalytical Services

    Product Bioanalytical Services

    Nuvisan GmbH provides wide range of pharmaceutical services which includes bioanalytical services. It's capabilities support the analysis of both large and small molecules and the method development and validation following the most recent international guidelines and it's adaption and cross-validation of existing methods. Benefits: high flexibility for smaller sponsors and big pharma, one face to the sponsor (personnel continuity), low employee turnover (<3%). Facilities: one of the largest bioanalytical single site laboratories in europe 2500 m² lab space arranged over several floors, state of the art facility. Temperature control using rees-system 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Equipment: LC-MS/MS (Sciex 5500, 5000, 4000, 3000, 365) currently 21 units; GC/MS (thermo scientific DSQ II) 5 units (LC) ICP- MS (PE Elan DRC II) 1 unit; UPLC Waters Aquity /HPLC (UV, ECD, FL) multiple units; chiral separations; column switching techniques (turbulent flow technology); 96-well plate technique, e.g. ostro plates; ELISA reader - tecan sunrise, packard fusion; architect abbott; access 2 beckman coulter; flow cytometers - BD FACS Canto II, BD FACS calibur; multiplex systems - meso scale discovery sector imager 2400A, thermo scientific pierce searchlight betacounter beckman. Contact us for more information.
  • Biometrical consulting

    Product Biometrical consulting

    Nuvisan GmbH provides wide range of pharmaceutical services which includes biometrical consulting. It consist of definition of trial design; randomization; sample size calculation; planning of the statistical analysis; dealing with protocol deviations and missing values and writing of a statistical analysis plan. Contact us for more information.
  • biostatistical services phase II-IV

    Product biostatistical services phase II-IV

    Nuvisan GmbH provides wide range of pharmaceutical services which includesbiostatistical services phase II-IV. It includes protocol development (including sample size / power computations); randomization; statistical analysis plans and mock tables; statistical programming in sas®; statistical analysis; data (blind) review report generation in order to deal with protocol deviations and missing values; interpretation and reporting of data for clinical study reports; interim analysis; integration of databases; data monitoring boards management and support; steering committees; consulting for clients regarding development plans, study design (incl. adaptive designs), health authorities. Contact us for more information.