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  • Product A next-generation diagnostics company that changed the world of PoC testing

    LumiraDx’s mission is to transform community-based healthcare through point of care (POC) diagnostics and make lab-comparable tests accessible to all.

    LumiraDx is a next-generation point of care diagnostics company that is transforming community-based healthcare. Founded in 2014, the company ma...
  • Product Packaging for diagnostics

    Diagnostic activities, in the various fields, have increasingly complex needs. Each equipment, each laboratory uses more than a single plastic component often specially designed for its better functioning.

    IBS Moulding manufactures each component (standard or taylor made) , for th...
  • Product Teststrip Packaging

    As the market leader in Asia with a strong global background, Sanner is your reliable partner for all kinds of teststrip packaging. The highest density and optimum moisture regulation are our number one priority. You can be sure that the desiccant solution we select guarantees the test strip’s functio...
  • Product OPTIMA BCT-200 Assembly of blood collection tubes

    • Fully automated entire solution
    • Modular construction
    • Additional proccesses can be added
    Please get in touch for more information
  • Product REmark

    phthalmic diagnostic solution - The first and only riboflavin based eye stain - for surface diagnosis and Goldmann Tonometry. 
  • Product Kardiamobile

    The world’s most clinically validated personal EKG, FDA-cleared to detect Atrial Fibrillation, Bradycardia, and Tachycardia. KardiaMobile is the most reliable way to check in on your heart from home.Take your EKG from anywhere. 

    Capture a medical-grade EKG in 30 seconds and get an instant analysis...
  • Product CupiKit Dengue Combo - (IgG/IgM/NS1)

    * Chromatographic immunoassay
    * Detects Dengue antibodies and antigens * Specimen: Serum/Plasma
    * Result interpretation time: 15 – 20 mins

  • Product CupiKit Dengue IgG-IgM Ab Test

    * Chromatographic immunoassay* Detects Dengue Antibodies 
    * Specimen: Serum/Plasma
    * Result interpretation time:15- 20 mins
    * Sensitivity: 100%
    * Specificity: 100%

  • Product CupiKit Chikungunya Ab Test

    * Chromatographic immunoassay * Detection of Chikungunya Antibody 
    * Specimen: Whole blood/ Serum /Plasma 
    * Result interpretation time: 20 minutes 
    * Sensitivity: 99.8 %
    * Specificity: 98.5 %

  • Product ECG Electrode ES GS Foam electrode with solid gel

    Our foam electrodes with solid gel stand out on the market.

    We have several types of foams adapted to the skin ph but our latest foam is universal - for every skin ph. It is unique on the market because of:

    -   The glue has strong preliminary adhesion (tack)
  • Product PEKUWhite - Cleanroom packaging

    Cleanroom packaging:- flat film
    - tubes
    - half tubes
    - cuttings
    - bottom seam bags
    - side gusseted bags

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