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Take advantage of our 60 years of global pharmaceutical development and manufacturing services experience. Work hand-in-hand using proven inhalation, transdermal, oral and topical manufacturing expertise from feasibility to market – all while ensuring the highest standards of manufactured product delivery in drug delivery systems.

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Products from 3M (5)

  • Inhalation Contract Manufacturing

    Product Inhalation Contract Manufacturing

    Whether you're looking for a primary contract fill manufacturer or a second source of supply, for cold or pressure fill, 3M's cGMP facilities can provide you with reassurance that your product will be available for market. Our Lean Six Sigma team ensures optimized operation which may result in lowering you...
  • 3M Microneedle Transdermal Systems

    Product 3M Microneedle Transdermal Systems

    3M Microneedle Drug Delivery Systems, which include Hollow Microneedle and Solid Microneedle technology, offer patient-friendly delivery solutions for vaccines or difficult-to-deliver biologics for, particularly needle-phobic patients. By potentially reducing anxiety, microneedle delivery may improve patie...
  • 3M Transdermal Component Technologies

    Product 3M Transdermal Component Technologies

    Design your drug delivery solution with the leading transdermal component supplier. We'll help you select the backing, liner, membrane or tape best suited to your formulation and application.Help to differentiate your product in today's competitive market by leveraging 3M’s expertise in adhesive and polyme...
  • 3M Transdermal Patches

    Product 3M Transdermal Patches

    Transdermal patches are more patient-friendly by reducing GI-associated side effects. Transdermal patches provide patients the medications they need in precise and steady doses, and patches can easily be applied by patients or caregivers at home. And if they need to stop treatment at any time, the patch is...
  • 3M Intelligent Control Inhaler

    Product 3M Intelligent Control Inhaler

    The 3M Intelligent Control Inhaler (ICI), which is currently in development and not yet available for commercial sale, has been created in a patient-centric way and aims to dramatically improve both correct use and adherence. It is a breath-actuated device designed to release the dose at the right inspirat...

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