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Exhibitor at CPHI Barcelona 2023 stand 4G50, Integrated Pharma
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Cerbios is a privately held company located in Lugano, Switzerland,  specialized in  manufacturing Pharma Products and in offering CDMO services

Cerbios is a global leading supplier of a portfolio of Generic APIs primarily used in Oncology and for the treatment of Respiratory and Dermatological disorders. Cerbios has additionally a 40 years experience in the probiotics field: the portfolio include  a FDF based on proprietary strain SF68® for treatment of diarrhea and dysbiosis by antibiotics and two new Food Supplements for the management of ACNE & Seborrheic dermatit...

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CPHI Barcelona 2023
  • 24-26 October 2023
  • Fira Barcelona Gran Via, Spain
  • Visit us at stand 4G50, Integrated Pharma

Products Featured at CPHI Barcelona 2023

  • Calcium Folinate

    Product Calcium Folinate

    Calcium Folinate / Leucovorin Calcium EP/USP/IP is a Reduced Folate also used for colon-rectal cancer treatment and rescue remedy with some oncological therapies.

    The API Calcium Folinate has been manufacturing by Cerbios  for more than 30 years and is commercialized worldwide.
  • Calcipotriol Anhydrous

    Product Calcipotriol Anhydrous

    Calcipotriol / Calcipotriene Anhydrous is a HPAI Vitamin D Derivative used for the treatment of moderate plaque psoriasis.

    Much work has been  devoted to the development of Vitamin D analogues in the past decades. The key issue has been  the identification of the best candidates showin...
  • Calcipotriol Monohydrate

    Product Calcipotriol Monohydrate

    Calcipotriol / Calcipotriene Monohydrate is an HPAI Vitamin D Derivative used for the treatment of plaque psoriasis, also in combination with steroids.

    Calcipotriol Monohydrate is a synthetic Vitamin D3 derivative, prescribed for once or twice-daily use in the treatment of moderate plaque p...
  • Calcium Levomefolate

    Product Calcium Levomefolate

    Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (6S)-5-Methyl-tetrahydrofolic Acid Calcium Salt is used as a food supplement for folate deficiency and also in cases of depression disorders.

    6S)-5-Methyl-tetrahydrofolic Acid Calcium Salt is the isomerically pure form of 5-Methyl-tetrahydrofolic, Acid Calcium Sa...
  • Levomefolate Free Acid

    Product Levomefolate Free Acid

    Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, (API), crystalline (6S)-5-Methyl-tetrahydrofolic Acid is used as a food supplement for folate deficiency and also in cases of depression disorders or as alternative of the Calcium Salt.
    (6S)-5-Methyl-tetrahydrofolic Acid is the isomerically pure form of 5-Methyl-tetr...