Aavis Pharmaceuticals - Touching Lives by Reinventing Healthcare is a USFDA approved, privately owned and one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical company based out of Atlanta Region, USA. Company is engaged in Contract Development and Manufacturing of Generic Pharmaceuticals. We develop niche generic drugs with a expertise in development, including advanced scientific research, process development, patent analysis, regulatory compliance and market & competition analysis. Aavis is looking to be market leader in the generic developed by them with continuous improvement in manufacturing process, technology and possible vertical integration. Aavis is a part of Espee Group. Globally Renowned Pharmaceutical Conglomerate. Espee Group strives to be a single point contact for large scale developed pharmaceutical manufacturers across the world for their product development to contract manufacturing to distribution requirements. Espee Group focuses on building partnership and relations to enhance the business growth. Thus relations at Espee Group are v...

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