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ACME DRUGS is a 30 years old Italian pharmaceutical veterinary company, working in compliance with the current EU GMP. We successfully passed through several GMP inspections by the relevant Health Authority as well as GMP audits performed by our international partners.
We produce highly specialized pharmaceutical forms like sterile prefilled syringes, also containing products with hormonal activity, modified release granules and tablets, pastes and creams, as well as granules, tablets and liquids.
With our internal laboratories and regulatory office we can assist your Company in developing your own tailored project.
Aside from the pharmaceutical plant, we built a dedicated area for manufacture of high quality feed supplements in form of granules, pastes and creams, tablets, with the same skills and quality level applied to our pharmaceutical productions.

Among the others, here are some of our major productions:


Production of modified release solid pharmaceutical form
With our COATING PAN OCR 180, an ATEX classified machine, we are able to produce several modified release pharmaceutical form, like granules and tablets. Gastroprotection, Modified Release, Taste Making are just some of the possible application. Our coating pan has a capacity of 180 lt and it can works with both water based and alcohol based coating solutions.

Production of semi-solid pharmaceutical forms
With our Turbomixer Maces Pharma 1000, a 1000 liters capacity turbomixer, we are able to produce semi-solid pharmaceutical forms like pastes, creams, gels, emulsion, suspension and solutions. Thanks to its powerful engines we are able to produce very highly concentrated pastes.

Production of tablets
With our Ronchi’s tableting machines we are able to produce tailored tablets of different shape and size.

Production of sterile injectable pre-filled syringes
With our dedicated plant for production of sterile pharmaceutical forms of small volume we can produce pre-filled syringes of different shape and size, terminally sterilized with our dedicated Fedegari’s autoclave. We can control sterilization parameters and work with thermos-sensitive products.

Production of medicinal products in form of powder and granules
With our V-Mixers and Dry-Compactors, we can produce medicinal products in form of powders and granules of different size. We can pack them in thermally sealed sachets as well as plastic or glass jars.

Our highly trained technical staff can assist you during all the development steps as well as regulatory applications for new production or manufacturing site’s transfer.

For more information contact us: [email protected]

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Sales markets Western Europe; Eastern Europe; Middle East
Primary business activity Contract Manufacturer; Distributor; Manufacturer

ACME Drugs Srl

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