About Admescope

Admescope is a CRO providing the pharmaceutical industry with tailor-made ADME-Tox services. Our unique expertise lies in drug metabolism, drug-drug interactions, pharmacokinetics and quantitative bioanalysis. Our service portfolio covers assays for small molecules, peptides and biopharmaceuticals. At the moment, we serve customers in 24 countries on 4 continents.

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Products from Admescope

  • Structural Characterisation of Biologics

    Product Structural Characterisation of Biologics

    Structural characterization of proteins, monoclonal anti-bodies (mAbs) and antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs):- HR-MS based molecular weight measurement of intact proteins - Reduced / non-reduced forms (heavy and light chains of mAbs) - Peptide mapping
  • In vivo Pharmacokinetics of Biologics

    Product In vivo Pharmacokinetics of Biologics

    Pharmacokinetics and quantification research services:- Protein/mAb/ADC isolation and enzymatic digestion - UPLC/HR-MS or UPLC/MS/MS analysis of surrogate peptides - Mouse and rat pharmacokinetics - ELISA quantification

Admescope Resources

  • News Admescope has acquired MetaSafe AB

    OULU, FINLAND - Admescope Ltd, a pre-clinical ADME-Tox service provider today announced the acquisition of MetaSafe AB, a company specialised in the field of metabolic biotransformation research.