COLORCON ( formely AIRNOV HEALTHCARE PACKAGING) designs and manufactures controlled atmosphere packaging that protects healthcare products from humidity and oxygen to maintain drug stability and extend shelf life, for pharmaceutical, nutraceutical & diagnostic applications. Products include desiccant canisters and packets; tubes and desiccant stoppers; IDC® Integrated Desiccant Closure; HAT® ...

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Products from AIRNOV HCP (3)

  • HAT®-B

    Product HAT®-B

    HAT®-B : Airnov’s latest innovative vial which carries numerous sustainable features. These include a reduction of plastic usage, adjustable desiccant quantity and versatile sorbent material to fit stability requirements. The vial, suitable for the diagnostics and nutraceutical markets, is available in...
  • EQIUS®

    Product EQIUS®

    EQIUS® Equilibrium RH Stabilizers are sorbent products that maintain a certain humidity level in pharmaceutical packaging in cases where specific relative humidity conditions are required.

    This is specifically of interest to protect Dry Powder Inhalers, Gelatin capsules, Gummi...
  • HAT®-IN

    Product HAT®-IN

    For diagnostic test strips accuracy is paramount to ensure proper treatment of the patient. A proper protection against moisture is thus essential to avoid degradation of their enzymatic reagents, maintaining shelf life and accuracy of those moisture sensitive products. 
    Many dietary supp...

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  • Brochure Airnov Brochure

    “Protecting Today, Preserving Tomorrow”

    Airnov Healthcare Packaging seeks to make life better  by protecting their partners’ products and users.

    Excellence, quality, and safety in our manufacturing  processes are a cornerstone of this engagement.