The French ANJAC Health & Beauty group partners with health laboratories, beauty and wellness brands. The group develops and manufactures, from the raw materials to the finished product stage. The group brings together 14 expert and complementary companies and 22 R&D and production facilities in France but also in California, North America & Spain: Aircos, Apollo, Chemineau, Cosmetix West, Euro Wipes, Feltor, Innovi, LPEV, Pascual Cosmétiques, Pillar5 Pharma, Roval Cosmétiques, Shadeline and Sicaf.

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  • News Laboratoires Chemineau: Crafting Your Liquid Dietary Supplements

    We are pleased to announce that our CDMO services now encompass the development and production of liquid-based food supplements.

    Working closely with you, we will create enjoyable and effective dietary solutions that cater to the unique health and wellness needs of your end-customers

    We aim at creating a positive impact in people's lives by promoting state-of-the-art dietary solutions to support immunity, respiratory comfort, digestive, gut, heart, women's health, and more.

    Our team of experts comprises nutritionists, regulatory specialists, and formulation scientists who work collaboratively to design innovative liquid forms and manufacture high-quality food supplements that meet GMP standards. 
  • Technical Data Laboratoires Chemineau, trusted full service CDMO in liquids, gels, emulsions, sprays, aerosols

    Laboratoires Chemineau is a trusted full service CDMO specialized in the Manufacturing and Development of drugs, medical devices, cosmetics, personal care and dietary supplements / food supplements in liquids, semi-solids, sprays, aerosols in tubes, bottles, airless, glass, BOV... for Pharmaceutical, CHC and Personal Care companies.

    Services provided: 
    Production transferIndustrial Trouble Shooting Cost optimization  Clinical batches. New product developmentNatural formulaeRegulatory full serviceAnalytical 
    Forms include: liquid, micro.gel, micro.emulsion, suspension, encapsulation, nanocapsule, liposome, microsphere,...
    All API, high potent, peptides, enzymes...