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50 Years of Trust.
As the world-leading anodized aluminum supplier, Anomatic Corporation has expanded its capabilities to serve the pharmaceutical packaging sector and now produces full package insulin pen components, Metered Dosed Inhaler Canisters (MDI) and other medical devices.

Why Work With Anomatic?

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Deep Draw Process

Ensures consistent side wall thickness

Advanced Anodizing and Coating Systems

Providing barrier and low surface tension coatings

Unmatched Capacity

Annual yield capacity of 2.5 billion units

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Products from Anomatic Pharma

  • Anodized MDI Canisters

    Product Anodized MDI Canisters

    Anodized MDI Canisters brhrbrAnomatic (suzhou) metal packaging co. Ltd offers a wide range of product which includes anodized mdi canistersn. It ensures that each part is anodized to exacting standards without gas pocketing. Gas pocketing prevents anodizing on the interior surface of the parts. These v...
  • MDI Canisters

    Product MDI Canisters

    MDI CanistersbrhrbrAnomatic (suzhou) metal packaging co. Ltd offers a wide range of product which includes mdi canisters. It is high-quality deep drawn aluminum canisters are very suitable for metered dose inhaler drugs using either hfa or cfc propellants. It can consistently withstands the high pressure of ...