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We specialize in the transport of pharmaceuticals under conditions of controlled temperature. We are authorized to carry all classes of drugs. We comply with good distribution practice of medical products and guidelines contained in the Official Journal of the European Union. We use our knowledge and experience to provide the highest level of service. Our freight forwarders will advise you on the most beneficial and safest form of transportation of your goods. Specially trained drivers ensure a constant temperature during transport and the protection of pharmaceutical products against external contamination. Our cars are equipped with temperature monitoring, which allows you to verify it in real time.

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  • Pharmaceuticals Transportation Services

    Product Pharmaceuticals Transportation Services

    Arra Group offers pharmaceuticals transportation services. It provides transport under controlled temperature conditions ranging from -25 ° c to + 25 ° c. It has the authority to transport all groups of medicines. All the pharmaceutical transport procedures comply with the guidelines for this product group, i...