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25 Oct 2021

Aurena expands capabilities for bottle filling and airless dispensing

Karlstad, Sweden: – Bag-on-Valve(BoV) specialist Aurena Laboratories AB is expanding its operations with new manufacturing capabilities and will start to offer contract manufacturing and fill/finish services with diverse packaging options, including airless dispensing.

Across these new Aurena packaging options, the focus will still be on non-sterile and sterile liquids as well as semi-solid products such as ointments, creams and gels.  Aurena can also offer fill/finish and packaging for flammable products that require an ATEX environment.

Beyond BoVSince 2000, Aurena has been manufacturing medical device classified products using Bag-on-valve (BoV) packaging. The company supplies products to brand owners around the world and is considered a leading CMO in this field. In addition to contract manufacturing, the company is known for its portfolio of medical device classified products that are offered as private labels.

Aurena’s expanded contract manufacturing capabilities and fill/finish service will now include packaging options beyond BoV to include bottles, pump sprays and various types of airless dispensing for nasal and dermal applications.

Airless dispensing demandThe products that Aurena manufactures can be classified as medical devices, drugs or biocidal products.

Magnus Hedman, Director of Business development and co-founder explains, “It’s a natural development step for Aurena to start offering other packaging for liquid drugs. In particular, we are seeing an increasing demand for airless nasal and dermal drug dispensing, which is an area where Aurena hopes to become an attractive CMO.”

More packaging options“With our upgraded manufacturing services, we can now offer our pharmaceutical customers more packaging options with precise dosing and the possibility of 360˚ dispensing,” said Mr. Hedman.

The full range of Fill / Finish capabilities at Aurena now includes:

Bag-on-valve spraysAirless pumpsBottle fillingMetered-Dose pumpsNasal spraysDermal spraysThroat spraysVaginal spraysPureHale® (Aptar Pharma)

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