15 Jul 2021

Bifizen Range

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Bifizen is a probiotic combination of 4 strains selected for complementary mechanisms of action to benefit the gut-brain axis: L. fermentum LF16, L. rhamnosus LR06, B. longum 04 and L. plantarum LP01. Bifizen supplementation for 6 weeks in healthy students showed significant benefits in depressive mood, anger, fatigue and quality of sleep. The product is now declined as a range for mental well-being for the whole family.

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    An effective immune system is your best defense, and the right probiotics can help! The COVID-19 global crisis has led to a peak in demand for products able to stimulate immunity. Given the well-established importance of the microbiota in immune health, Chinese authorities have emitted in February an official recommendation for the use of probiotics in the treatment of patients with severe COVID-19 infection (1, 2).
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    L. rhamnosus GG (ATCC53103) is the most studied probiotic strains worldwide with over 1000 publications, and especially recommended in pediatric diarrhea management and antibiotic-associated diarrhea but also studied across a number of other functionalities. We propose this strain in high quality, allergen-free, high concentration and as Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient, backed by the Drug Master File, for your pharmaceutical development.