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Biotechnology, medical technology, bioeconomy – these terms are watchwords of optimism and hope for all mankind. Backed up by policies and capital, cutting-edge science and research are constantly redrawing the map of what we know. Companies are eager to bring the latest technology to the market, society and people. In every step along the way, effective communication can mean the difference between success and failure. For almost 30 years, BIOCOM AG’s top-notch industry experts and reporters have guided and supported life sciences customers on the path from the lab bench to the market. Driven by content and focused on results, we supply the expertise and enthusiasm that make our client’s projects work.

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Products from BIOCOM AG

  • Consulting & Project Management Services

    Product Consulting & Project Management Services

    BIOCOM AG offers wide range of services which includes consulting & project management services. It has gathered a huge amount of knowledge and gained a wealth of experience in all areas of biotechnology, from pharmaceuticals and medical technology to the agricultural sector and industrial production. Based on this, the project management division offers a comprehensive range of services for companies and the public sector wherever the knowledge-based bioeconomy requires specialised information or communication processes: feasibility studies, market and competitor analysis, technology assessment, site analyses, trend analyses and background researches and recommendations for action. Contact us for more information.
  • Oecd Data Collections Services

    Product Oecd Data Collections Services

    BIOCOM AG offers wide range of services which includes oecd data collections services. It has decades of experience in the collection of structural data. Among other things, it has carried out the survey of the biotechnology sector. Surveys on the biotechnology and medical technology sector have also been completed on behalf of the relevant government departments in recent years. All the data on biotechnology are also transmitted to the oecd and published annually in the key biotech indicators. Contact us for more information.