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BioFilm has established an excellent reputation for developing and manufacturing thin dissolvable films (TDF) which release active ingredients. A range of actives can be incorporated into the films and the products can be classified as nutritional supplements, cosmetic, dental, medical devices through to medicinal and pharmaceutical. In fact, we produce more products in TDF than any other European manufacturer. BioFilm can offer companies a true partnership which allow us to take innovative concepts right through from initial research to development, manufacture, packaging and final delivery to the retailer. Thus enabling partners to launch innovative products quickly and cost effectively.  Contact us today to learn more to discuss potential collaborations.

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Products from BioFilm Limited

  • Breath Freshener Strips

    Product Breath Freshener Strips

    BioFilm offers a wide range of products which includes breath freshener strips. Simply remove strip from its dispenser pack or individually sacheted pouch and place on your tongue.  Within a few seconds the film will begin to dissolve delivering the active ingredient directly onto the malodour site and mopping up any bad bacteria.  Unlike conventional mints or gums that simply mask bad breath, BioFilm's dual action breath freshener strips continue to work on bad breath for up to three hours leaving you with fresh breath confidence.  These strips are sugarless, calorie-free and can be taken as often as desired. Contact us for more information.
  • Caffeine Strips

    Product Caffeine Strips

    BioFilm offers a wide range of food supplement films which includes caffeine strips. These individually sacheted strips provides a high level of caffeine in an innovative oral format which is both discreet and convenient.  Each great tasting fruit flavored film contains 40mg of caffeine. Packaging: it is individually packaged in a protective sealed (unit dose) sachet and multiple sachets are packed into either a wallet or a cardboard box. NEW : We are also delighted to offer a sports nutritional strip containing 20mg of encapsulated, fully taste masked caffeine in a range of flavors, perfect for cyclists or athletes who need a quick burst of speed.  Contact us for more information.
  • Dry Mouth (Saliva Flow) Strips

    Product Dry Mouth (Saliva Flow) Strips

    BioFilm offers a wide range of products which includes dry mouth (saliva flow) strips. IThe patented ingredient in the strip is a unique ingredient which increases saliva flow by up to 150%. The active is known as optaflow® and is FEMA approved and EU registered. Ideal for people who suffer dry mouth conditions due to age or the medicines they are taking.  Can be taken as often as desired.  Contact us for more information.