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  • Product Biologic drug substance CDMO services

    From pre-clinical development to commercial supply, Patheon by Thermo Fisher Scientific is an industry leader in the development and manufacture of mammalian cell culture drug substances. Patheon offers biotech and pharmaceutical companies the ability to pursue opportunities around the globe with a fully i...
  • Product L-Tyrosine Disodium Salt 2-hydrate

    Dr. Paul Lohmann®  offers a wide range of high-quality Mineral Salts in upgraded purity for all bioproduction streams. Highlighted are the sequestering Disodium EDTA 2-hydrate, the nutrient L-Tyrosine Disodium Salt 2-hydrate and the pH regulating Sodium Succinate 6-hydrate. Please contact ...
  • Product HABITAT Bioreactor

    The HABITAT process 50 L stirred single-use bioreactor is used for cultivation of animal cells and thus enables the production of monoclonal antibodies, recombinant proteins, vaccines and viral vectors as cell culture products for our customers.
    During development, the focus was not only on tech...
  • Product SART System™ Enables a Sterile Liquid Transfer

    Secure Your Drug Product Transfer

    The SART System™, a smaller footprint RTP system (Rapid Transfer Port), preserves the integrity of your isolator and creates a sterile transfer of your drug product. The reduced footprint of the SART System™ meets the challenge of ergonomic optimization ...

    The biotechnology sector is one of the application areas where continuous and frequent developments result in higher material requirements.

    Today, flexible polymer single-use systems are replacing traditional glass and stainless steel in applications like meida storage bags, bioreactors, mixing vess...
  • Product Caffeic acid

    Synonyms: 3,4-Dihydroxycinnamic acid, 3,4-dihydroxybenzeneacrylic acid

    CAS: 331-39-5

    Molecular Formula: C9H8O4

    Molecular Weight: 180.16

    Properties: Light yellow to yellowish brown crystal; slightly soluble in water, easy to dissolve in hot water, cold ethanol, an...
  • Product Yeast Extract (Seasoning)

    Contact us for more information.
  • Product Steriflow Control valves

    Pharma process and clean utility control valves and positioners, 1/2" - 3" (DN15 - DN80), tri-clamp or weld end connections, very low flow to high flow, manual and automated, with Jorlon™ lifetime diaphragm warranty.
  • Product Customized production through Fermentation

    Manufacture of active principles tailored to the client, which is known as contract production, that is, other pharmaceutical companies can produce their active and intermediate principles at the Aranjuez factory facilities.

    Ercros, in addition to its own production lines, has modern fermentation fa...
  • Product Dopamine hcl

    ① Low blood pressure regulator

    ② Antishock agent

    ③ Raw material for the synthesis of norepinephrine

  • Product Steriflow Ball valves

    Three piece, full bore sanitary ball valves, low ferrite 316L, 1/2" - 4" (DN15 - DN100), TFM seats (cavity and non-cavity) and seals, for pharma clean steam, air and gas, acids and pneumatic conveyance of pharma powders.
  • Product Tyrosol

    Synonyms: 4-Hydroxyphenylethanol

    CAS: 501-94-0

    Molecular Formula: C8H10O2

    Molecular Weight: 138.16

    Properties: White to off-white powder; soluble in water, ethanol, methanol, chloroform, and acetone

  • Product MK95 Sanitary BPRV

    Pharma process and clean utility back pressure regulating valves, 1/2" - 3" (DN15 - DN80) with tri-clamp or weld ends, low to high flow, manual or air augmented, all with the Jorlon™ lifetime diaphragm warranty.
  • Product Edge Solutions products

    Steriflow : US based Valve Manufacturing Company MK 96 PRVS, MK 93 Steam Traps, MK 978 Control Valves, Samples Coolers, Sight Glasses, MK 9020 Ball Valves, Diaphragm Valves, MK 95 BPRVSSVC and SHC Check valves 

    ACE Sanitary: US based Manufacturers of complete range of Flexible hoses w...
  • Product Glass Autoclavable Laboratory Fermenters/Bioreactor -BioracA

    Amerging being on of the top manufacture of laboratory fermenter in India. Amerging system is remarkably user-friendly and equipped with intuitive controls, these fermenters and bioreactors are suitable for most fermentation. Amerging offers the modular and compact design fermenter/reactor which can be...
  • Product In-Situ Serializable Fermenter/Bioreactor

    BioRac Fermentors/ Bioreactors are in-place sterilization systems ideal for pilot through production applications. A modular design and wide variety of standard and optional components provide the flexibility to customize these systems to meet your process requirement.

    Technical Specificat...
  • Product Production or Industrial Scale Fermenters/Bioreactors BioRacIP

    BioRacIP Fermentors/ Bioreactors is the production or commercial scale fermenter. Our BioRacIP are designed for closed aseptic operations with high grade material. BioRacIP range from 500L to 40KL with option of Semi and fully automatic controls.


    Technical Specifica...
  • Product Ambr® 250 High Throughput Perfusion

    Ambr® 250 High Throughput Perfusion is a parallel bioreactor system for rapid development of scalable perfusion processes using 100 – 250 mL single-use bioreactors and a fully automated liquid handling platform.The system supports the typical range of hollow fibre cell retention applications, wit...
  • Product Biostat STR® Generation 3 and Biobrain® Automation Platform

    Biostat STR® single-use bioreactors and the Biobrain® automation platform are engineered to allow you to rapidly adapt your biomanufacturing facility to address changing requirements by offering multiple configurations and convenient software upgrades. The generation 3 system is now available wit...
  • Product Protein Production

    Our experienced teams have supplied many different drug-target proteins for our clients, including membrane proteins such as GPCR, ion channel, transporters etc. Others include kinases, virus proteins, E3 ligases, CDKs, and many more. Our standard expression systems include E.coli, insect cells, and mammal...

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