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Biotrading is a 50-years’ experience Italian company strongly oriented to the field of food supplements and nutritional pharmaceutical manufacturing products within neonatology and pediatric. Since 2010 Biotrading has been working too in the field of geriatrics, gastroenterology and sports by investing in R&D. Over time we have paid great attention to the well-being of mothers and children and we’ve developed a line of innovative and high-quality gynecological products. Production processes are certified and special attention is paid to the search fo...

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Products from Biotrading (5)

  • Proton drops

    Product Proton drops

    Rickets prophylaxis.

    DOSAGE8 drops (400 I.U.) per day for a 18-months period.1 drop contains: 50 I.U. of Vitamin D3.

    Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol).

    CHARACTERISTICSMicellar solution in physiological solution easy to be mixed with all liquids or foods. Tasteless...
  • Equidral sachets

    Product Equidral sachets

    Equidral sachets is a dietary supplement indicated in the treatment of the dehydration caused by acute diarrheas, altered electrolytic equilibrium, vomit, gastroenteritis, hyper-sweating.

    DOSAGEDissolve the content of a sachet each 250ml of water and shake until the solution is well mixed. Admin...
  • Folium drops

    Product Folium drops

    Infant’s or child’s hematological disorders.

    DOSAGEfrom 0 to 6 months: 8 drops (50mcg) per day.from 6 months to 2 years: 16 drops (100mcg) per day.8 drops contain: 50mcg of Folic acid

    INGREDIENTS Folic Acid (Vitamin B9).

    CHARACTERISTICS Folic Acid i...
  • Proton Tablets

    Product Proton Tablets

    The cholecalciferol contributes to normal absorption and use of calcium and phosphorus, the normal function of the immune system and the maintenance of normal muscle function.

    1 tablet a day.
    Cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3).

    Vitamin ...
  • Protofer

    Product Protofer

    Dietary supplement of Iron, useful to fill nutritional deficiencies or increased needs of this nutrient.

    INGREDIENTSWater, Ferrous sulphate, acidity regulator: Sodium lactate sol. 60%, colouring: caramel (may contain sulphur dioxide), Aroma, preservative: Potassium sorbate. Acidity regulato...

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