Brand and Promotional Analysis

Brand and Promotional Analysis
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Powered by the IQVIA CORE™, our promotional analysis can help you understand the trajectory of your brand and measure its progress along the way. We can help you see where you are today, where you’re going and help you make adjustments as part of your path forward. Find out what you need to know about

  • Share of voice
  • Message recall
  • Threats to your brand from competitors
  • Channel effectiveness — from your advertising to your sales force
  • Your net promoter score, and more
Our solutions are designed to help you plan, measure and adapt your promotional strategy and its impact on your brand.


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More Products from IQVIA

  • Managed Markets Data & Analytic Solutions

    Product Managed Markets Data & Analytic Solutions

    Fundamental to the success of your market access strategy is clear visibility into payer, provider and patient behavior. IQVIA’s comprehensive real-world database includes lifecycle transactions, which offer the critical level of detail required to untangle the complex interaction of payer utilization management, patient response to cost sharing, and prescriber ability to overcome rejections. This view of prescription reversal and rejection rates tied seamlessly to the broader data assets of our real-world database, creates a holistic view of brand performance and key market trends, and empowers us to execute upon a broad range of analytic studies designed to help you achieve the level of access you seek. Create standardization across your organization, and establish an accurate, reliable single-source of truth for managed market , co-pay, and traditional patient analyticsEvaluate the suppression in share due to a payer controls such as prior authorization, and how it varies geographicallyIdentify the geographies with the greatest cost sensitivity and research the dynamics of co-pay card programs across your brands and those of competitors or analoguesProvide your commercial teams with visibility to the structure and prevalence of pharmacy benefits on patients and their impact on share performanceMeasure the impact of formulary changes on your brands and those of competitors to develop a more effective payer contracting strategy
  • Clinical Trial Optimization

    Product Clinical Trial Optimization

    Faster market access by optimized clinical trials Every study is unique and stakes are high. In order to ensure success IQVIA uses all available resources - therapeutical expertise, latest technology, advanced analytics and proactive approach. This allows us to effectively search for research centers and recruit patients, increase efficiency and quality of projects, and shorten the time of research. As a result, IQVIA is a leading provider of clinical trial services in Russia. Starting from 1997 our experts has conducted 500+ clinical trials that included 4400+ patients. Our quality is proven by Russian MoH, FDA and EMA inspections.  Our core competences: 
    • Site monitoring
    • Regulatory and start-up 
    • Outsourcing 
    • Real-world late phase 
    • Project leadership 
    • Medical sciences 
    • Quality assurance 
    • Global regulatory services 
    We are actively engaged in education in the field of clinical research as we believe that well-trained and highly motivated specialists are key to achieving the best results for our customers.  IQVIA aims to provide solutions that will allow you to successfully implement innovations and maximize your capabilities. Contact us to find out more
  • Health Economics & Value

    Product Health Economics & Value

    Even if your objective seems clear–demonstrate the value of your product – it is rarely a simple task. That is because there is no single story or piece of evidence when you speak to audiences around the world: regulators, health technology assessment (HTA) bodies, payers, providers and patients. IQVIA accelerates your results while easing the complexity by developing health economic modelling solutions to support market-specific reimbursement, market access optimization, and high impact scientific publications. We can help you with our
    • International network to deliver local solutions with global oversight
    • Ability to leverage real-world evidence in HE modelling – access to the most comprehensive prescription and patient-level data available
    • Therapeutic and cross functional expertise (R&D, PMA, Epi etc.) for scientifically rigorous and commercially relevant HE solutions
  • Launch Performance by Patient Segment

    Product Launch Performance by Patient Segment

    Each launch has a million moving pieces. Almost all are based on what you know about your market. Which patients are using which products? What is their patient journey? What types of physicians prescribe them? How do treatments and costs vary by geography or provider? Primary market research provides some of the picture. Now, advanced analytics, including machine learning, and IQVIA’s diverse portfolio of 530 million anonymous patient records, can change the game. You can gain a much needed, more precise understanding of your market today and where it is going.
    • Use data-based patient journeys that tell you what patients and physicians do, so you can ask them why.
    • Simplify analyses and get a quick view of new-to-brand activity using National Brand Performance (NBRx), a summarized metric that combines new therapy starts, switches and add-ons. NBRx leverages both rich longitudinal prescription data and non-identified EMR data.
    • Apply insights to predict future market share and launch curves. Adjust your plans and resource allocation to meet expected forecasts.
  • Real-World Evidence Solutions

    Product Real-World Evidence Solutions

    Your work promises the potential to improve human outcomes. At IQVIA, we’re rethinking how to help you provide the complete understanding, tools, evidence, and communications to help you realize that potential. Innovating new study options. Applying advances in machine learning. Collaborating with providers and payers. Scaling evidence investments. We are committed to bringing you value across the clinical and commercial lifecycle through a deeper portfolio of real-world solutions. Tap into our vast global network of real-world data, technology and strategic consulting to:
    • Design more efficient studies by validating the feasibility of study designs and selecting sites with the right patients
    • Gain greater insight into disease epidemiology and the patient journey
    • Build out a long-term safety/surveillance strategy
    • Create real-world evidence in studies that support regulatory and reimbursement needs
    • Develop more compelling value propositions for your products and more actionable commercial plans
    With the broadest and deepest real-world data set that reflects the U.S. and global treatment environment, IQVIA can help you create complete disease views with data sources that provide both population views and deep clinical depth. And with our technologies, scientific and commercial expertise, and analytic approaches, IQVIA can help you leverage these insights for epidemiology and drug safety, outcomes research, market access, patient landscapes and brand performance, and for specific disease states like oncology, immunology and neurology. It’s an exciting time to reimagine what’s possible. Contact us and let us help you collect and harness the power of Real-World Insights to help you improve patient outcomes and your results.
  • Sales Force Effectiveness

    Product Sales Force Effectiveness

    Creating meaningful connections with physicians and group practices is essential to drive sales. But new regulatory guidelines and less time with physicians has made this increasingly difficult. Track the effectiveness of your sales team at a granular level, and develop new approaches to quickly and precisely target the right prescribers with the right promotional message. IQVIA Sales Force Effectiveness solutions provide tools and targeting strategies to guide your decision making and help senior leadership prioritize the right targets with the appropriate resources. Using integrated analytics, we design next generation sales force effectiveness models that account for various stakeholder influences on prescribing. Our framework enables you to
    • Develop a customized field-based target segmentation methodology to prioritize physicians’ institutions, and accounts for personal promotion
    • Optimize field-based size and structure, including territory alignment design
    • Execute a staged roll-out within an agreed-upon timeline

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