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Lucy Chard
17 Aug 2023

CPHI Sustainability Trend Report: Towards a Greener Future

CPHI releases its Sustainability Trend Report focusing on carbon emissions in the supply chain and working towards a greener future in the pharmaceutical industry.

CPHI, in collaboration with industry thought leaders, consortiums, and pharmaceutical giants alike, present the CPHI Sustainability Report – your essential resource for understanding the latest pharma sustainability initiatives, challenges, and opportunities across the global supply chain.

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the largest global contributors to greenhouse gases, producing 55% more emissions than the automotive industry. We now see a growing consciousness of the environmental and social impact of drug development, manufacture, and production, but how can the industry achieve significant change?

From the sourcing and procurement of materials, through manufacturing and distribution to the end user, this free report draws on insights from industry thought leaders, including IQVIA, the PSCI, BioPhorum, Bormioli Pharma, and CordenPharma, to provide your annual update on the state of sustainability in pharma. 

It's no surprise that climate change has an impact on people's lives, but the extent of this is yet to be fully realised or accepted. The increase in disease burden all over the world has a direct effect on the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry, as does the industry in contributing to climate change in the first place. The report quantifies this, assessing how each of the sources of scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions has a real-world impact.










Each of the contributors outlines how there is a collective effort to face climate change by using different strategies and sharing information and expertise. 

"There is so much valuable knowledge to building a sustainable supply chain that larger pharma companies can share with smaller ones. Many of the approaches, tools, and resources have already been developed and are easily transferrable to smaller companies at the start of their journey. We believe that collaboration is key," stated Ingrid Vande Velde from the PCSI. 

The report covers all aspects of the supply chain, uncovering the challenges experienced throughout, and offering advice on how to make meaningful changes, whether its in procurement through the increased use of green materials and green chemistry; in manufacturing through the use of tech and digitalisation; and in distribution through strategies such as nearshoring. 

Complex issues in water and waste management are also tackled in the report, highlighting provocative environmental issues, followed by innovative solutions being implemented across the industry. 

The report gives a transparent overview of the state of the changing climate from a pharma perspective, with each of the thought leaders giving honest and crucial views on the future of the pharmaceutical supply chain and its impact on the planet and human health. 

"I would argue that our goals are fully achievable. The pharmaceutical industry has the resources to become fully sustainable at its disposal, we have the brain power, the guiding purpose to improve health and the finances to match our ambition. We only need to look at the COVID response to give us confidence that we can turn things around when the pressure is on," asserted Nicola Coles, from BioPhorum. 

Download the full report now to understand how the pharma community can work collaboratively to effect change, for a greener future. 

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Lucy Chard
Digital Editor - Pharma

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