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  • Product Intermediates and API Plant to Lease or Purchase/Operate In Place

    • (1) Reactors (SS, GL, Hastelloy): 3.4 – 16 m3 • (2) Centrifuges (Hastelloy): 1,600 mm diameter • (2) Conical Dryers(Hastelloy): 3 m3 Other process steps:  Distillation, Filtration, Sieving & Milling
  • Product Roller Bottle Cell Culture Equipment


    • Roller Bottle Supply/Unscrambler system – 2 convyer systems supplying new and capped steril 2L plastic bottles • Roller Bottle Machine consisting of De-Capper, (2) Withdraw Stations, (2) Filler Stations, Gas Overlay, and Bottle Capper • Automated Roller Bottle Storage a...
  • Product Effortless Procurement for the Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Industry

    Are you tired of spending excessive time and resources on the procurement process for your pharmaceutical or life sciences company? Do you have to use service providers outside of your regional reach, leading to physical back and forth of goods in the supply chain that is unsustainable often? Introduci...
  • Product Hybrid Fractionating Column

    Customized Hybrid Fractionating Column systems combine the multi-plate efficiency of fractional columns with the gentle reboiling effect of Wiped-Film Evaporators. This proven Hybrid technology allows the purification of heat-sensitive materials similar in volatility, which could not otherwise be separated...
  • Product Piston Plug For Single Injection

    Lonstroff offers a wide range of products which includes piston plug for single injection. Contact us for more information.
  • Product Label Printer Solutions

    Cinta-Plast is one of the most reliable Label Solutions provider in the market,More than 50 years of experience in the world of labelling as a Label Manufacturer.
    Knowledge in Pharma, Electronics, Automotive and others.

    Last years, a new range of Digital label printers are entering into the m...
  • Product Engineering

    Telstar has global engineering and design capabilities to meet its clients’ project needs throughout the globe.

    The company’s engineering expertise specializes in Pharmaceutical equipment, clean utility piping, electrical, mechanical, utility piping, and cleanroom design; to advanced special...

    CSV Life Science Group, aiming at controlling all the steps of its production processes, manufactures all the equipment for isolation technology as well for liquid preparation through its Rome based metal workshop fully dedicated to pharmaceutical machine
  • Product Liquid-Liquid Separators

    Whether working in batch or flow, most chemists encounter challenges when performing difficult liquid-liquid/gas extractions. Zaiput Flow Technologies’ patented liquid-liquid/gas-liquid separators solve the most difficult separation problems with ease, backed by solid, proven results.

  • Product PureGuard disposable mopping system

    • Micronclean's PureGuard microfibre disposable mopping system makes cleaning easier and simpler • Our compact disposable system was developed for cleanrooms <200sqm, whilst our large-scale Bucketless system can clean rooms up to 2000sqm • Our single use and multi-packed mops are available with our f...
  • Product Lab Furniture

    Turnkey lab Setups including Lab furniture along with modular panels and HVAC

  • Product Manufacturing Equipment

    Sovereign offers the following manufacturing equipment: • 2.5, 10, & 26 cu.ft. Littleford Lodige Mixers • Stokes Oscillating Granulators • Fitzpatrick Fitzmills & Chilsonator • Gruenberg Ovens • 4 quart, 1, 3, 5, 20, and 50 cu.ft. V-Blenders • Kikusui Gemini Tablet Press • Kikusui Libra Ta...
  • Product Biopharmaceutical Facility

    Commercial Cell Culture Suite w/Primary capture              Total area 650 m2

    ·        Small scale cultivation grade C, large scale and primary capture grade D

  • Product Used/Unused Process Equipment

    IPP offers a unique option for companies by specializing in the buying and selling of complete plants, process lines, and equipment across the globe. We own over 15,000 pieces of good used, unused and reglassed process equipment built by hundreds of different OEMS that are available for immediate...
  • Product Reglass/Glass-lined Equipment

    Part of the IPP Group of Companies is Universal Glasteel (UGE), supplying rebuilt & used Glass-Lined Equipment, Parts and Service.
    UGE are experts in Reglassing, Rebuilding, Reconfiguring and Repairing customer-owned equipment, UGE supplies both re-glassed and good-used equipment from its invent...
  • Product Tanks - Sanitary/Glass-lined/High Pressure for Chemical, Specialty Chemical and Pharmaceutical

    Second Hand / Used Chemical Storage Tanks & Pressure Vessels - Choose From 304/316/316L Stainless Steel, Plastic, Plastic, Fiberglass & more Find chemical storage tanks and pressure vessels to meet your needs in one of the largest selections available for immediate delivery. In proces...
  • Product Pharmatching – Upgrade your TechOps procurement

    Pharma companies that lead the way in transforming TechOps procurement will gain significant advantages in cost and risk management. These benefits will extend beyond individual companies to the entire pharma industry. But how can you get started on this transformation? Pharmatching is a single platfo...
  • Product Pharmatching - Find Service Providers in Life Science

    How about a single platform that helps you with procurement, supply chain management, and brand awareness, allowing you to focus on what you do best? With Pharmatching, you can do even more. is an Outsourcing Specialist for the Pharmaceutical and Life Science Industry worldwide. You c...
  • Product Seals For Dialysis Filters

    Lonstroff offers a wide range of products which includes seals for dialysis filters. Contact us for more information.
  • Product Carpaul Disks For Ports

    Lonstroff offers a wide range of products which includes carpaul disks for ports. Contact us for more information.

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