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Schedio was born from a group of passionate and experienced specialists from the pharmaceutical industry who launched the company and created something new and unique established on specific core values and commitments including equality and diversity, work-life balance, entrepreneurship and continuous learning, among others. The company delivers world-class fully tailored equipment for bioavailability enhancement, and operator / product protection in combination with outstanding machine and process support, with a strong commitment to simplicity and safety standards which go above and beyond the normal industry regulations. The lifeblood of Schedio is focused on having a partnership approach with our customers, where we believe in the power of working together focused on long-term relationships and in making a real difference to your business.

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Products from Schedio SA (3)

  • Opposed Jet Mill

    Product Opposed Jet Mill

    Schedio Opposite Jet Mill, is a machine engineered for the micronization of dry powder to particle sizes below 10 microns. Employing a frontal collision mechanism with pressurized process gas, this unit achieves particle size reduction and precise control over the final distribution. 

    Designed ...
  • Schedio Personalized Micronization

    Product Schedio Personalized Micronization

    Micronization, a widely adopted solution for enhancing bioavailability through particle size reduction, involves utilizing pressurized gas to induce particle collisions. Recognizing the variability in powder properties like flowability and strength, which influence machine performance, the process necessit...
  • Tailored Containment Systems

    Product Tailored Containment Systems

    In today's evolving pharmaceutical landscape, the surge in demand for HPAPI amplifies the urgency for dependable containment methodologies. 

    Our commitment is clear: to safeguard operators against increasing operative exposure levels while delivering custom-fit, state-of-the-art containment sol...

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