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  • Product Biopharmaceutical Secondary Packaging

    Any pharmaceutcal form

    Commercal & Clinical Supply
  • Product Outsourcing

    Patheon has a broad biomanufacturing platform for pharma and bio-industrial products which provides sustainable solutions for mammalian cell-based and microbial-based manufacturing, green chemistry R&D and manufacturing technologies, and finished dosage production of biopharmaceuticals. With an offering cover...
  • Product Development of chemo-enzymatic processes

    Inspired by solutions found in biological systems, we are proficient in developing robust chemo-enzymatic processes to produce your target compound. A strong platform on biocatalytic transformations and the ability to develop novel bio-inspired synthesis strategies for your product are our unique selling ...
  • Product Research & Development

    Discovery - Biology, Lead Optimization, Libraries, Synthetic & Medicinal ChemistryDevelopment - Chemical Process R&D, Fermentation, Formulation Development, High Potency, Kilo Lab & Small Scale Manufacturing, Lipid Nanoparticle, Method Development/Material Science, Rare/Orphan, Separation Science ...
  • Product Sterile Dosage Filling and Lyophilization

    IDT Biologika GmbH provides a wide range of pharmaceutical services which includes sterile dosage filling in vials and pre-filled syringes. With a facility size of 3,600m2, this integrated pharmaceutical/ biological site houses more than 7 filling lines for the aseptic filling of syringes, vials, ampoules and...
  • Product Chemical Development Solutions

    Chemical Development Solutions of GVK BIO provides a convenient, single-site distribution of infrastructure, thereby delivering a seamless and innovative transition of solutions from lab to pilot plant and bulk manufacturing, with speed and quality.

    We ensure quality in the process during the d...
  • Product ADCs Manufacturing services

    BSP PHARMACEUTICALS IS SPECIALIZED TO SUPPORT THE MANUFACTURING OF ADC DRUG PRODUCTS FROM THE CONJUGATION TO THE FILL FINISH. Manufacturing lines, process flows as well as storage capabilities have been specially designed taking into consideration the critical process ...
  • Product R-GIN (L-ARGININE 500 MG)

  • Product Biologics CDMO Service

    Gene and Cell Therapy Service  Porton provides world-class process development and manufacturing services for DNA plasmids, viral vectors and cell therapeutics e.g. Car-T backed by state of the art laboratories including BSL-2 laboratories high-quality cGMP production assets operated to global regulatory...
  • Product Co-Crystals Screening

    PolyCrystalLine offers a wide range of solid form screening which includes co-crystals screening. It is an molecular crystals in which at least one of the compounds is an active pharmaceutical ingredient (api). Salts are considered different from co-crystals provided that its crystals formed by ionic multicom...
  • Product 14 Station (EDT-14Lx)

    Electrolab India pvt. ltd manufactures a wide range of pharmaceutical testing equipment which includes 14 Station (EDT-14Lx). Contact us for more information.
  • Product Cell-based Neutralization Assays

    Experienced cell-based neutralizing antibody assay capabilities. Our experts, at our GLP/GCP compliant laboratory, evaluate each therapeutic, conduct tailored assay development and ensure that each assay is optimized to suitably determine the presence of NAb with maximum possible level of drug tolerance....
  • Product 2-8°C Clinical Trials, Biologics, Vaccines

    Cold Chain expertise.
    CIT can pack any farmaceutical form at 2-8°C
    Vials, ampoules, bags,...

    Ask for our developed service of 2-8°C monitoring via blockchain
  • Product Serialization & Aggregation Worlwide

    CIT can manage (and authorized) all the different Track & Trace metrics

    US FDA
  • Product Enzyme development

    We develop enzymes for a variety of industries using a proven platform to access unique enzymes from biodiversity. Sequence- and function-driven approaches are ready to support the creation of novel panels of biocatalysts with focus on a single asset with FTO or a strong patent position.

  • Product Enzyme screening & proof-of-concept studies

    We offer tailor made screenings of internal and external enzyme panels to identify applicable off-the-shelf biocatalysts for your target reaction. We integrate analytical services such as method development and validation throughout the process to get a reliable statement about the feasibility of your con...
  • Product Clinical and Commercial supply services

    BSP Pharmaceuticals S.p.A. offers a wide range of services which includes clinical and commercial supply services. It offers a high level of expertise to support the manufacturing of clinical products from phase I to phase III; prepare and complete PPQ manufacturing and support commercial product for worldwid...
  • Product Quality control laboratories services

    BSP Pharmaceuticals S.p.A. offers a wide range of services which includes quality control laboratories services. The facility houses chemical, biochemical and microbiological laboratories for the following typologies of analyses: analytical methods transfer/validation; product release testing and stability; c...
  • Product Amorphous Dispersion

    PolyCrystalLine offers a wide range of solid form screening which includes amorphous dispersion. Its arrangement. Although the amorphous form is the most soluble form, it exhibits the lowest stability. Amorphous compounds are produced in the conditions when precipitation is kinetically faster than crystallisa...
  • Product 2 Drum Unit (EF-2)

    Electrolab India pvt. ltd manufactures a wide range of pharmaceutical testing equipment which includes 2 Drum Unit (EF-2). Contact us for more information.
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