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  • Product Candidate Selection - Integrated Programs

    Selecting the right molecules for development - Quickly identify the best drug candidates. Knowing what it takes to develop a successful drug, we help clients select the best molecules for development. Our unique integration of scientific capabilities enables us to provide a complete assessment of m...
  • Product Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs)

    With a full analytical package for Biologics, Quality Assistance provides scientific and technical support to biopharmaceutical companies developing Antibody-Drug Conjugates. Thanks to our combined experience with small molecule cytotoxics and monoclonal antibodies, we can provide full analyt...
  • Product Nitrosamines - Confirmatory Tests

    The Confirmatory test consists in the assessment of which nitrosamines are present in the drug product below an acceptable limit, defined according to recommendations of EMA.

    QPLab has in-house methods to determine nitrosamines based on the acceptable intake (AI)...

    DEVELOPMENT AND EFFICACY EVALUATION OF PHARMACEUTICAL OTC PRODUCTS AGAINST BLOOD-SUCKING ARTHROPODS.TECNALIA offers standardized (WHO, EPA) and internal protocols regarding efficacy evaluation reports for product development and registration. Pediculicides against head lice crawling stages and eggs. ...
  • Product Analytical Services

    Pharmaffiliates is providing all the Analytical Services (i.e. Method Development, Method Validation & Transfer, Stability Studies, Contract Analysis, etc)
  • Product Monoclonal Antibodies (mAbs)

    Take no risk with your analytics when developing new therapeutic monoclonal antibodies. Our analytical teams take advantage of their extensive experience in the analysis of mAbs. Throughout non-clinical and clinical development, our experts provide you with the customised solutions in terms of analytical pro...
  • Product Antibodies

    Quality Assistance covers all the analytical technologies needed to support your drug development process: CMC (Quality) studies to be perfomed, including Ab characterisation, development and validation of analytical methods, stability studies and batch testing. For Bioanalysis to be performed in Non-clinical...
  • Product New Chemical Entities

    To meet your analytical needs, Quality Assistance provides you with scientific and technical support for the development of your New Chemical Entities. Our added-value brings together a sound expertise in small molecules analytical development with state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, all on o...
  • Product Peptides

    Therapeutic peptides are at the crossroads of small molecules and proteins, requiring specific analytical packages depending on whether they are of recombinant or synthetic origin. In both cases, Quality Assistance provides customised solutions in terms of analytical proto...
  • Product Cell-Based Medicinal Products

    Quality Assistance provides extensive experience and state-of-the-art EMA/FDA audited facilities, equipment and software for your Cell-Based Medicinal Products development. We have developed and validated robust, precise and accurate methods to characterise CBMPs in terms of identity, purity and potency....
  • Product Vaccines

    Whatever the type of antigen, Quality Assistance covers a wide range of analytical technologies needed to support vaccine development, including product characterisation, development and validation of analytical methods, stability studies, batch testing and bioanalysis to support immunogenicity and ...
  • Product Oligonucleotides

    Due to their relatively large size as compared to typical small molecule drugs, there are many technical challenges associated with the analysis of these molecules. With a highly experienced staff and state-of-the-art premises and equipment, Quality Assistance is your partner of choice to ove...
  • Product Gene Therapy Medicinal Products

    Quality Assistance offers extensive experience with analytical development and validation and GMP/GLP compliant laboratories for your gene therapy medicinal products development. Partner with us and centralise your analytical needs on one site. Visit us at stand 3H104 and visit https://www.qualit...
  • Product Nanomedicine products

    Each nanomedicine is unique and requires sound analytical expertise, innovative technical solutions and, above all, real extensive scientific support. Quality Assistance assists you to design and carry out your nanoparticle characterisation studies, development and validation of analytical...
  • Product Proteins

    Thanks to 35 years’ experience in analytical sciences and all our laboratories on one site (Mass Spectrometry, Physico-chemistry, Cell Biology, MolecularBiology and Microbiology), Quality Assistance covers all the analytical technologies needed to support your drug development process incl...
  • Product Analytical Services

    Toxikon offers analytical services. It includes method development and validation, dose analysis and verification, sample analysis, extractables and leachables and API. Contact us for more information.

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