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  • Product Orotic acid

    Orotic acid is a substance naturally produced by the human gut microbiota. This acid is also called vitamin B13 or pyrimidine acid. It is not actually a type of vitamin Chemicalbook biotic, but it was added to the laboratory animal diet in the 1960s and classified in this category. Adding to...
  • Product Sodium Hyaluronate Injection Grade

    Sodium Hyaluronate Injection Grade has GMP certification in China and the status of API registration status is A. The nucleic acid level is 0.01 (A260nm) and bacterial endotoxins is 0.005IU/mg, which are 1/50 of the value specified in the standard of Ph.Eur. And the content of protein is lower than t...
  • Product FLUOLEAD

    Innovative nucleophilic fluorination agentBest alternative to DAST, Deoxo-fluor,...
    Ketone (non-enol form) and carboxylic acid can be fluorinated
    HIgh thermal stability
    Easy to handle (solid product)
    Only 1 step needed for deoxo-fluorination
  • Product Invix®

    Invix® is Versalis' new hand and surface disinfectant made using ethanol of vegetable origin as an active ingredient.This product is a Surgical Medical Device authorized by the Ministry of Health*, developed on the formulation of the World Health Organization.

  • Product Hydroxypropyl Betadex Cas No.128446-35-5 Injection Grade

    About Zhiyuan Injection grade Hydroxypropyl-Beta-Cyclodextrin 
    It has been approved record in U.S. FDA, DMF NO. : 030168
    Standard : USP43-NF38
    Bacterial endotoxins (EU/g) : ≤20EU/g
    Betadex : ≤1.5%
    It is suitable for injection drugs.The main function is to increase so...
  • Product Epsom salt USP Food grade

    Name:Magnesium SulphateCAS No.:7487-88-9   Other Names: Epsom Salt , Magnesium sulphate     MF: MgSO4.7H2O    EINECS No.:231-298-2   Place of Origin: Hebei, China (Mainland)   Grade Standard: Medicine Grade Purity:99.9%  Appear...
  • Product Hydroxypropyl-Beta-Cyclodextrin Cas 128446-35-5

    Hydroxypropyl Betadex Oral pharma grade USP Standard
    Product name: Hydroxypropyl Betadex 
    CAS No.:128446-35-5
    DMF No.:030168 
    Standard :CP / USP /EP
    Grade: Oral grade / Pharma grade
    Basic information of the oral grade Hydroxypropyl Betadex
    Product Name: Hydroxyp...
  • Product Di-Sodium Glycine Carbonate

    Names:Di-Sodium Glycine Carbonate

    CAS NO.:50610-34-9

    Molecular weight:238.11


    Grade:Food Grade

    Application:Pharmaceutical industry is used in the preparation of effervescent tablets, and detergent as a foaming age...
  • Product Iron Bis-Glycinate

    Names:Iron Bis-Glycinate CAS NO.:17169-60-7
    Molecular weight:634.10
    Grade:Food Grade
    Application:Nutritional intensifier, feed additives
    Appearance status:Pale yellow to brownish yellow crystalline powder
    Product standard:GB/T21996-2008
    Shelf life:Two years
  • Product Ethyl cellulose (EC)

    Ethylcellulose is a tasteless, free-flowing, white to light tan-colored powder.ethyl cellulose is a binder, film former, and thickener. It is used in suntan gels, creams, and lotions. This is the ethyl ether of cellulose.

  • Product Chemistry focused Contract Research Organization

    We provide Discovery chemistry, Chemical development and Informatics services to global Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Chemical industries, Agro companies, Academia and Research Institutions located across the US, Europe, and APAC regions. Synthetic chemistry support for medicinal chemistry and chemical de...
  • Product Ethyl Cellulose (EC)

    Ethyl Cellulose(EC)※Overview:                     Ethyl Cellulose (EC), the ethyl ether of cellulose, is a cellulose derivative in which ethoxy groups replace the hydroxyl groups, with different molecular weights and viscosities. Ethyl cellulose is whi...
  • Product Difluoromethane Sulfonyl chloride

    Versatile sulphonyl chloride used in  Pharma Industry 

    raw-material of Metformin, and intermediate pan of synthetic drug, pesticides and coloring agent.  It can be produced guanidine nitrate, sulfanilamide, sulfocarbamide, rubber accelerator, hardening of steel, fixing agent of dye printing, sizing agent, compound fertilizer, etc.
  • Product Chitosan

    Heppe medical chitosan gmbh offers a wide range of products which includes chitosan. General Properties of chitosan: Biodegradable by enzymes, non-toxic | detected in the human body as an endogenoussubstance | inhibiting the growth of bacteria and fungi | film- and fibre-forming, cross-linking | anti-...
  • Product Carboxymethylchitosan

    Heppe Medical Chitosan GmbH offers a wide range of products which includes carboxymethylchitosan. Properties: soluble in waterit, soluble at pH >7, is an example for wound treatmentGeneral Properties of chitosan: Biodegradable by enzymes, non-toxic | detected in the human body as an endogenoussubstan...

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