Mechanical Vacuum Booster

Mechanical Vacuum Booster
Product Description

Our Dry Mechanical Vacuum Boosters are of Advanced Technology with following Characteristics / Salient Features:


·         The Castings are of FG-260 Grade, hence better quality.

·         The Castings are thicker in size than others considering better allowance for corrosion.

·         The Shaft Dia is one step bigger than others, thus are heavy duty shafts.

·         With Bigger shaft Dia, thus bigger is the size of the Bearings.

·         Min.06 Nos. of Bearings including o2 Thrust Bearings.

·         All Bearings are imported FAG/SKF make only.

·         The sealing system consists of special Double Metallic seals with Centrifuge Disc along Neutralizing Chambers at o4 locations on the conveying sides.

·         Double Lip seals on the Drive shaft at outboard location.

·         Guaranteed Oil Free Conveyance.

·         Rings provision at all matching flanges makes its achieve better vacuum i.e. better than 0.001 Torr.

·         Helical Timing Gears are provided.

·         Locking of Timing Gears in compliance with API-619 (Taper shrunk locking onto shaft) making it Reliable and Accurate fitment.

·         Oil Splash at both Ends (Drive End & Non Drive End) for effective lubrication.

·         Computer generated Axel series lobe profiles optimize high volumetric efficiency.

·         Rotating parts are dynamically balanced to a finer Grade of 2.5 of ISO -1940.

Swam Pneumatics Pvt. Ltd.

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Swam Pneumatics Pvt. Ltd.

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