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Bushu Pharma is the premier CDMO in Japan and has proudly been serving the global pharmaceutical industry for over 24 years, specializing in oral solid/injectable dosage forms, packaging, labeling and distribution.  Our distinction is not only in our quality but our support to Western pharmaceutical companies in introducing their products to the Japanese market through our distribution platform known as “Gateway to Asia” (GTA). Our distinct GTA platform supports both the manufacturing and supply chain of pharmaceuticals throughout Asia by accepting bulk products globally and providing inspe


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Products from Bushu Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (5)

  • Supporting your Global Expansion

    Product Supporting your Global Expansion

    Using the production capacity of our two factories in Japan, Bushu Pharma supports both Japanese and global pharmaceutical companies looking to launch their products in new markets.

    We closely communicate with you from project kick-off to actual product launch, we will ensure we are the best par...
  • Export to Asian Pacific Markets

    Product Export to Asian Pacific Markets

    Bushu has followed PIC/S and GMP/GDP.
    - QC test according to USP, EP, JP and Chinese pharmacopeia
    - Serialization packaging for South Korea and others
    - Control process room temperature within each country's regulations
    - Storage for stability test for climate zone IVb
  • New product launch support for Japanese and Asian markets

    Product New product launch support for Japanese and Asian markets

    Bushu has supported many global clients to launch new products for Japanese and global markets.

    Bushu has close communication with client from kick-off to launch for the following items:
    - Project management
    - Technical transfer - Artwork
    - Packaging specifications ...
  • High potency product

    Product High potency product

    We manufacture formulation of high potency products ranging from clinical samples to pharmaceuticals Our manufacturing environment is based on hazard assessment, exposure assessment, and implementing strict residue management.

    In addition, we monitor the environment and verify the containment b...
  • Cold Chain Management

    Product Cold Chain Management

    Many pharmaceutical and biologic drugs today are extremely sensitive to the conditions in which they are packaged, shipped and stored, with temperature deviations affecting the quality of product delivered. Bushu Pharma is skilled in the management of these factors and will ensure your products are handled...

Bushu Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Resources (4)

  • News Amgen and Bushu Pharma Announce Expanded Supply Chain Partnership across Japan and Asia-Pacific Region

    - “Gateway to Asia” Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO) Agreement to Double Volume of Drugs Produced for Amgen by Bushu Pharma -
  • Brochure New SCM service "Gateway to Asia"

    Bushu Pharma's "Gateway to Asia" service supports customers in their desire to launch new products in Japan and across the larger Asian region. Our Gateway to Asia service lets international pharmaceutical companies import bulk products into Japan for quality inspection, labeling, packaging and distribution throughout Japan and other Asian countries. The service lets you focus on your core businesses and avoid having to deal with the difficult process of managing lead-time, temperature, security, inventory, packaging and urgent order handling across multiple markets.
    Collectively, our services offers reduction of lead time from purchase order to shipping, financial and physical flow, oversight of inventory management for Asian markets, forecast review, and planning and operations based in GMP expertise.
  • Whitepaper The Bushu Pharma Gateway to Asia Solution

    Bushu Pharma’s Gateway to Asia solution increases SCM efficiency for pharma manufacturers.

    With the FDA approving the second highest number of drugs in the past 20 years (53 drugs in 2020; 59 drugs in 2018), there is high demand for manufacturing and supply chain support in order to allow these new drugs to reach markets around the world.

    In response to these requirements and drawing on the company’s GMP expertise developed over the past 20+ years, Bushu Pharma’s “Gateway to Asia” (GTA) service lets international pharmaceutical companies import bulk products into Japan for quality inspection, labeling, packaging and distribution throughout Japan and to other Asian countries. The service is geared towards both manufacturers and distributors – allowing companies to focus on core business activities rather than spending much time and effort on the difficult process of managing lead-time, temperature control, security, inventory, packaging, and urgent order handling across multiple markets.

    Given the world-renowned quality level of Japanese manufacturing and the country’s expertise in domestic and regional distribution that was developed in line with the country’s focus on just-in-time supply chain management, the GTA service is geared to help respond to the ever-increasing number of new drugs being developed around the world that are targeting Japan and other Asian markets for new launches in 2021 and beyond.
  • Video Bushu Pharma New Cold Chain Center

    Bushu Pharma helps improve the packaging and storing process which must be validated to ensure that there is no negative impact to the safety, efficacy or quality of the drug.
    Through our Cold Chain logistics service, we enable the market expansion for temperature-controlled bio-pharmaceuticals (maintained at 2℃ to 8℃) to the Japan market, as well as to countries across Asia and beyond. We store and transport pharmaceuticals in line with each product's specific storage and security requirements, maintaining cold chain integrity throughout each step of the delivery process.