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  • Product Intermediates and API Plant to Lease or Purchase/Operate In Place

    • (1) Reactors (SS, GL, Hastelloy): 3.4 – 16 m3 • (2) Centrifuges (Hastelloy): 1,600 mm diameter • (2) Conical Dryers(Hastelloy): 3 m3 Other process steps:  Distillation, Filtration, Sieving & Milling
  • Product Biopharmaceutical Facility

    Commercial Cell Culture Suite w/Primary capture              Total area 650 m2

    ·        Small scale cultivation grade C, large scale and primary capture grade D

  • Product G-CON Cleanroom PODs

    PODs are readily deployable, flexible, prequalified and scalable cleanrooms for any pharmaceutical/biopharmaceutical need. PODs fulfill the demands of industry and regulatory authorities where requirements of containment and segregation are important to protect products and the environment. G-CON’s PODs pr...
  • Product Standard PODs

    G-CON has developed a portfolio of six standard cleanroom PODs. These PODs are fully designed, allowing them to be mass-produced. Delivery time is as little as 3 months with the future goal of being able to maintain an inventory of ready to deliver PODs. Mass production of standard PODs will also lower cos...
  • Product KUBio prefabricated manufacturing facilities

     In biomanufacturing the only certainty is risk and the only constant is change. Future proofing any capacity expansion to allow for the unknown product or technology is challenging. Location, personnel, timing, process, and planning are critical success factors. KUBio modular facilities are designed ...

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