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  • Product Cell Therapy Services

    KBI's Cell Therapy team, located in The Woodlands, TX, has managed a fully functional manufacturing facility supporting cell therapies and developing therapies under IND since 2001. Our team has substantial expertise and knowledge in cellular therapies' manufacturing, process development, and regulato...
  • Product Advanced Therapies

    Advanced therapeutics, such as cell and gene therapies, hold immense potential to revolutionize healthcare. However, the path from translational studies to clinical trials and commercial manufacturing is filled with challenges and risks. Therefore, it is essential to partner with a CDMO that possesses ...
  • Product Cold Storage and Logistics

    With an expansive support network and facilities strategically located across the globe, we provide comprehensive site-to-site connectivity with dependable cold chain storage packaging/labeling, and shipment capabilities. Along with proficient monitoring and real time tracking resources, we optimize ev...
  • Product Catalyx OpenBIO® Bioreactor Product Family

    Catalyx OpenBIO® Bioreactor Product Family

    The OpenBIO Product Family is designed to be the high functioning centerpiece of your laboratory, process development, and manufacturing operations. With a focus on recipe-based operations and connectivity, scaleup and tech transfer is v...
  • Product Silicone tubes & Hoses

    Platinum cured silicone tubes, peroxide cured silicone tubs, reinforced hoses, TPE tubes, FEp tubes and many more
  • Product Gene Therapy Characterisation and Release Testing

    Characterization and release testing of gene therapies: supporting CMC requirements for IND applications and commercial release through expert analysis and stability testing. We provide method development and validation to meet your milestone and regulatory requirement and help you to confirm identity a...
  • Product IDT Biologika as a Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization

    IDT Biologika is an international leader in the contract development and manufacturing of biologics. The company focuses on the customized development and manufacturing of viral vaccines (phases I, II, III), gene therapeutics, immunotherapeutics, oncolytic viruses as well as sterile liquid and lyophiliz...
  • Product Cell and Gene Therapy

    Solvias offers a comprehensive range of orthogonal analytical methods for ATMPs. Our cell and gene therapy building blocks include raw materials testing, cell culture media specific analysis and oligonucleotide analytics. For gene therapies, vector analytics covers the full range of AAV or LV release a...
  • Product Recombinant Human Hyaluronidase Injection

    Hyaluronidase, an enzyme that breaks down hyaluronic acid, has long been used to facilitate the dispersion and absorption of other drugs and to reduce tissue damage in cases of extravasation of a drug. Recombinant human hyaluronidase (rhPH20) developed by BaoPharma is the only...
  • Product Gene and Cell Therapy

    Let’s light up your gene and cell therapy together. 
    Our Pfizer scientists and manufacturing experts are here to help you navigate the path to market for your gene and cell therapy

    Experience is crucial when producing life-changing gene and cell therapies, so choosing the right CDMO is...
  • Product RoSS®: Protecting single-use bags

    Protect your preferred single-use bioprocess containers: RoSS shells - abbreviated for Robust Storage and Shipping - reduce product loss towards 0%. Compatible with all available sizes and types of single-use bags, RoSS enables standardized and scalable end-to-end process solutions for fluid managemen...
  • Product Vers-A-Tech™ - Cell & Gene Therapy Processing

    Vers-A-Tech™ (Versatile Aseptic Technology) is a semi-Automatic or fully automatic modular versatile platform consisting of machines that come together to processes Bags & Nested Containers. BAUSCH Advanced Technology Group launches First of its Kind Platform Vers-A-Tech™ ...
  • Product Cell and Gene Therapy Isolator

    • Integrated VHPS® decontamination system • Special liquid transfer technology for continuous and aseptic filling • Real-time monitoring of the velocity, differential pressure, humidity, temperature • Temperature is adjustable to minimize the influence on products • Critical process parameters...
  • Product Cell Culture Isolator Isolator for Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering

    Cell Culture Isolator is an isolator designed for laboratory professionals who require aseptic conditions for handling sterile products.
    It is specially designed for handling cell cultures in a pharmaceutical context that complies with the GMP guidelines, with marketing authorisation.
  • Product SafeCell® Flexible Bags - Cutting-edge Design for Cell Culture

    The SafeCell® range is made of Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP) and provides the response to the demands of ex-vivo cell culture. FEP is chemically and biologically inert and perfectly adapted to cell suspension culture.  Its antiadhesive properties allow cells to float freely and develop in their...
  • Product Human epidermal growth factor (hEGF)

    Good stability: conventional storage at ≤-20°C for one year results in little loss of activity, and after thawing, under aseptic conditions (2-8°C), there is little loss of activity for one month.Animal-free: produced by recombination, free of exogenous viral contamination, and no animal-derived raw materi...
  • Product E. Coli Host Cell Proteins

    ELISA methods are used to test for the presence of residual host cell proteins left in a drug or therapeutic protein following purification. 
  • Product Advanced Therapies

    Advanced therapeutics, including cell and gene therapies, have the potential to revolutionize healthcare, and speed is of the essence. Knowing your contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) partner has the expertise, capacity, and global supply network is critical to transitioning seamless...
  • Product Drug Substance Manufacturing for Viral Vaccines, Gene & Immune Therapeutics, Oncolytic Viruses and Viral Vectors

    Drug Substance Manufacturing  for pre-clinical, clinical and commercial supply- Validation of aseptic processes
    - Cell and virus banking 
    - Using own seed cell banks: VERO and DF-1, Duck cell line (AGE-1)
    - API production using different TechnologiesMVA Know-How

    IDT Biolo...
  • Product Process Development for Production of Viral Vaccines and Vectors

    Process Development for API Production, Fill/Finish and Secondary Packaging- Cell line development
    - Transfer of customer technologies
    -Upstream / Downstream -iCellis Fermenter: development of scalable upstream and downstream technologies for adherent cells with higher yield.Major ...

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