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Chlorhexil® 0.20 % Mouthwash (Chlorhexidine 0,2%, chamomile and a-bisabolol)Chlorhexil® 0.12 % Mouthwash (Chlorhexidine 0,12%, chamomile, a-bisabolol, Rhatany, Myrrh extract)
Chlorhexil® Extra Mouthwash (Chlorhexidine 0,2%+Triclosan 0.1%+CPC 0.05%)
Effective antibacterial and anti-inflammatory protection of the oral cavity. Fast and effectivecontrol of gingival-dental microbial plaque. Short-term use after gum surgery or when extra protection is required. Alcohol free. Bottle of 250ml & 1,5L.

Chlorhexil®-F 0.05 % Mouthwash (Chlorhexidine 0,05%, Fluoride 0,05%, Herbal extracts)

Effective daily antibacterial protection and care for gums and teeth. Protects and fights carries.Strengthens tooth enamel. Activates the gum’s defense system. With its astringent action it strengthens and tightens the gums. Alcohol free. 250ml

Chlorhexil®-F Toothpaste (Chlorhexidine 0,1%, Fluoride 0,1%, Herbal extracts)

For daily defense against gingival and dental bacterial plaque a nd caries. It strengthens the enamel and gums, tightens the gums and reduces bleeding, while effectively fighting bad breath. Suitable for homeopathic treatment. 100ml

Chlorhexil® Dental Conditioner (Chlorhexidine 0.05%+Fluoride 0.025%)
Specially designed fluoride oral foam, with mild antiseptic action for daily hygiene care of the oral cavity. Provides effective control of dental & gums plaque, strengthens teeth and activates the defense system of gums due to the variety of herbs that it contains. 50ml

Chlorhexil® 0.2% Gingival Gel (Chlorhexidine 0,2%, chamomile, a-bisabolol)

Specially designed gel, for the treatment of located wounds in the oral cavity. Effectively fights dental bacterial plaque. It treats irritated and bleeding gums and reduces the bacterial action that causes carries. Alcohol free. 50ml

Chlorhexil® Spray (Chlorhexidine 0,2%, chamomile, a-bisabolol)

Fights dental bacterial plaque and prevents gingivitis. Protects the periodontum, improves oral health and relieves local irritations of the soft tissues in the oral cavity. Its unique form enables selective local application. Alcohol free. 50ml

Chlorhexil® 0.12% Long Use (Chlorhexidine 0.12%)
Chlorhexil® 0.20% Long Use (Chlorhexidine 0.20%)

Chlorhexil® 0.20% Long Use Sticks (Chlorhexidine 0.20%)
For the fast and effective control of dental microbial plaque, which is the main cause of periodontal diseases. It is especially helpful for people with periodontium problems (gingivitis, periodontitis.). To treat the oral cavity's microbial flora, especially in cases requiring anti-microbial protection, such as canker sores, infections, post-extraction injuries, bad breath etc. To reduce the carious action of bacteria that cause tooth decay. 250 ml & BTx20 Sticks/10ml

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