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5 Apr 2013

Clinical trial locator goes live

New website to help potential trial participants locate their closest trial.

A new website designed to locate appropriate clinical trials for potential participants with life threatening or rare illnesses without known treatment has gone live this week and could revolutionise the way that doctors and scientists locate patients.
The site, called, uses mapping technology to offer patients a simple method for locating their nearest clinical test for any given illness or disease.
While cutting-edge drug development events are often listed on government websites, they are done so using the original name of the medicine or biotechnology in question, which is often a collection of randomly assigned letters and numbers.
This can obviously be confusing for patients, which was the inspiration for Dr Charles Rudin, the associate director of clinical research for the cancer centre at John Hopkins University, to create a website capable of locating trials by condition.
"We can find the nearest Indonesian restaurant with our cell phones but not the closest lung cancer trial," he told


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