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CLS Technology develops sales and distributes unique natural active ingredients, and makes finished formulations and products based on these ingredients. It is important for us to only work with all natural ingredients that also are well documented. Our focus is Immune Health, Brain Health, Bone Health and Hearth health. The target markets are Food Supplements, Food Ingredients, Medical Devices, Medical Food and Cosmetic Ingredients.CLS Technology`s overriding business idea is to identify and develop products that contain Beta 1,3/1,6 D-glucan, Marine Phospolipids, Caviar Powder, and Vitamin K2-MK7, for the use in nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals and cosmetic products. We will exploit, develop and protect collected knowledge within the areas of marine biology, pharmacology, medicine, and nutrition biology and process technology.CLS Technology`s R&D focus is on documentation of the efficacy and bio availability of our active ingredients, and also to prove the health effect.

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    Product IMUKAN KIDS 1+

    The Imukan Strawberry 1+ containing Betox-93 and vitamin C contains, is made with no preservatives ingredients; it is the sugar that preserves the syrup. Thus, it is recommended for children from 1 year and older.The strength of the immune system is changing over time. In particular, the adaptive immune syste...
  • IMUKAN KIDS FORMULA  Strawberry + Vitamin C

    Product IMUKAN KIDS FORMULA Strawberry + Vitamin C

    The strength of the immune system is changing over time. In particular, the adaptive immune system needs repeated exposures to microbes/pathogens in order to have full effect. Babies have not had such exposure, and hence their own immune system is not working effectively. Fortunately, the foetus gets immune s...

    Product MENACIN KIDS

    MENACIN Kids is a syrup with micronized Tricalcium Phosphate (TCP), coated with lecithin. This unique delivery system increases calcium dispensability and absorption, even better than dietary products.There is a growing awareness of the importance of maintaining a high calcium intake through life, especially ...