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  • Product Autoinjector development expertise and capabilities

    SHL Medical’s commitment to innovation has driven our leadership in the drug delivery industry. We offer vertically integrated expertise and capabilities to ensure the production of our self-injection systems are delivered with unparalleled speed, quality, and reliability. 

    Learn more about SHL...

    One digital platform connecting data-driven decision-making solutions! 
    As a cloud-native modern technology platform, Digital Factory solves for most common production challenges to improve manufacturing visibility & performance with speed and cost-effectiveness. 

    • Modular...
  • Product DataCollector - High performance IT Infrastructure for Manufacturing

    The plus10 DataCollector provides a high-performance data infrastructure for the acquisition and pre-processing of machine data from any source such as sensors, machine or robot controllers. Its simple configuration and implementation transforms machine data into Big Data and creates value through high-fre...
  • Product OEE TRACKER

    Track Production, Increase Throughput!
    The OEE Tracker enables you to get instant access to shop-floor production data. Gather data with operator-friendly interfaces, automate & enhance it with IoT sensors, PLC connections  and Digital Factory APIs – then turn it into dashboards that ar...

    Improve Labor Productivity & Reduce Overtime! 
    Staff activities are one of most influential factors affecting the efficiency and quality of production at the factory floor. Traditional methods can only reveal if staff is present at the factory floor or not, not the real time locations. This l...
  • Product SCHEDULER

    Visually Manage & Optimize Production Schedules With Shop-Floor Integration
    Scheduling of work orders has a direct influence on production lead times and overall cost. Assignment of work orders to the lines and staff is a complex daily challenge that depends on many variables and constraints. Manu...

    Track Your Shop-Floor Assets In Real Time! 
    Many high-value production assets are shared across production lines or zones. This makes it difficult to track available assets or tooling for critical operations. Managing the real-time locations and availability of assets on the shop floor has a majo...
  • Product FebriSol

    FebriSol is a “scratch-card-calendar” sticker that helps patients keep track of their chronic medication and vitamins.
    Using a combination of daily tracking and scratch latex, the system offers a low-cost alternative to expensive blister packaging traditionally used to increase adherence. Grounded i...
  • Product OzmoCAP®

    OzmoCAP® capsules themselves control drug release for any drug allowing the OzmoCAP® team to very quickly develop and deliver the drug product with predetermined controlled release behavior to an animal laboratory for Proof-of-Concept studies.
    OzmoCAP® allows rapid development of oral extended-releas...
  • Product Accelerated Stability Assessment Program (ASAP) and Laboratory Services

    FreeThink is a global leader in the science and technology of stability.  In addition to lab services, FreeThink licenses ASAPprime®, a proprietary software which we developed based on the Accelerate Stability Assessment Program (ASAP) to determine shelf-life.  ASAP can speed and streamline p...

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