9 Nov 2022

The German Pharmaceutical Market - Post-Pandemic Recovery and Key Trends

CPHI is back in Frankfurt, an important hub for the German pharmaceutical community. This session will explore the German market and look at the abundance of innovation emerging from one of Europe's biggest pharma hubs.
This session will touch upon:

  • Access to Innovative Medicines and Launch Performance
  • Developments in Generics and Biosimilars
  • Initiatives Towards Further Digitalization
Did you enjoy this session? If so, you might like to visit our Connect to Frankfurt platform, where you can browse our collection of 30+ on-demand webinars and learn about our upcoming CPHI Frankfurt event, taking place 1-3 November in Frankfurt, Germany.
Bringing together the global supply chain under one roof, CPHI Frankfurt puts you at the heart of pharma. Can’t attend in person? You can access many of the event offerings online! Browse our exhibitor list, arrange meetings, view on-site content and network – all from home.

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