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Crystal Pharmatech Inc. : What we do:

•             Vetting of API forms and formulations for First-in-Human studies

•             maintain the integrity of downstream processes.

•             best-in-class decisions

•             data-driven, multi-disciplinary, institutional knowledge, compar...

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Products from Crystal Pharmatech (5)

  • Solid Form Screening

    Product Solid Form Screening

    We know that the needs in early development are different from the needs in late development and we tailor our screening approach based on information from the client and our experience with a wide range of compounds. At Crystal Pharmatech, we utilize a unique screening approach that co...
  • Chiral Separation by Crystallization

    Product Chiral Separation by Crystallization

    More than 70% of drug candidates worldwide are chiral. Typically, for chiral API, only one enantiomer or diasteromer is biologically active or desirable. Therefore, the production of enantiopure compounds or diastereomers is imperative. In the production of small molecule drugs with desired chirality, sepa...
  • Crystallization

    Product Crystallization

    Crystallization is a critical unit operation in API manufacturing for both final product and intermediates. Desired product quality attributes can be obtained economically with high efficiency through well-designed and controlled crystallization processes.
  • Micro ED

    Product Micro ED

    Crystal Pharmatech can now provide MicroED services for your small (or large!) molecules to obtain crystal structures.

    Microcrystal Electron Diffraction (MicroED) replaces X-rays with an electron beam for crystal structure determination.Sensitivity is increased several orders of magnitude.Utiliz...
  • Preclinical and Tox Formulation Development

    Product Preclinical and Tox Formulation Development

    Contrary to popular belief, early formulation development is not simply dumping API in a vehicle and gavage feeding an animal.  If you do this, you will most likely lose time and money with unnecessary and confusing PK studies.  This led to the development of our SMART bi...

Crystal Pharmatech Resources (2)

  • Video Title: Avoiding Drug Failures: Right First Time; Fast First Time

    Choosing the right form and formulation is a continuously evolving field. To stay at the cutting edge of this field internally and continuously educate the community externally, Crystal Pharmatech has gathered a panel of distinguished scientists from various disciplines to support our “Crystal Clear Pathways to Select API Form and Formulation”.

    The panel serves to educate pharmaceutical companies on the importance of proper selection of API phase and formulation. This panel has combined to assess form and formulation for hundreds of development compounds. Experiencing it all, they've seen the successes and the horror stories of development and are now willing to share them with you through case studies, panel discussions, and webinars.