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6 Oct 2023

Dow achieves eighth ISCC PLUS certification for Polyurethanes plants in Europe

Italy-based polyurethanes plant at Correggio is latest in a series of independent verifications for circular and bio-circular solutions.

HORGEN, SWITZERLAND – August 30, 2023 - Dow (NYSE: DOW) is proud to announce its eighth International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) PLUS certification of polyurethanes plants in Europe at the Correggio plant in Italy.

As Dow continues to manufacture products with circular and bio-circular feedstocks, this independent certification process from ISCC qualifies the tracking of alternative feedstocks through the mass balance approach.

“The ISCC PLUS certification represents further progress towards more circular products for polyurethanes end-markets and helps our customers to create solutions which are verifiably circular or bio-circular without risking any loss in quality,” said Marcel Moeller, global sustainability director, Dow Polyurethanes, Chlor-Alkali & Vinyl (CAV), & Propylene Oxide/Propylene Glycol (PO/PG). “Our ability to fulfil the rigorous requirements of this independent process reflects Dow’s strong commitment to transitioning to lower-carbon and more sustainable production and products.”

Tracing sustainable materials through the value chain

As part of its accelerating sustainability journey, Dow continues to implement the use of alternative feedstocks using the mass balance approach. Independent, external verification is a key part of the chain of custody method, which lies at the heart of this approach. Through verifiable bookkeeping and without changing the production process, it is possible to trace and attribute the flow of sustainable materials through complex value chains.

ISCC is a world leading international certification standard for fully traceable and environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable supply chains.

To date, eight plants processing materials for polyurethanes across six Dow sites in Italy, Germany and the Netherlands have achieved this highly regarded third-party qualification. The solutions sourced from a more sustainable feedstock will be used in a diverse range of end-use applications including automotive, construction, appliances, and sports surfaces.

With each successful outcome, Dow makes progress towards its goal to obtain approval of all its polyurethanes, chlor-alkali vinyl, propylene oxide and propylene glycol sites in Europe and in other global regions.

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