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  • Product Method Development

    We are specialist in the method development of analytical methods for analysis of API, Final Drug Products or low level impurities. Usually followed by full validation in accordance to ICH guidelines.
  • Product Cortellis Drug Discovery Intelligence™

    Biology, chemistry and pharmacology data -all in one place. Accelerate drug development with early, comprehensive intelligence. Collating the necessary data to identify the likelihood of a drug's success as early as possible requires considerable resources. Cortellis Drug Discovery Intelligence(TM) ...
  • Product Hesperidin

    Absorbency : ≤0.20Loss ;
    On Drying : ≤5.00%;
    Sulphated Ashes : ≤0.50%;
    Mesh Size: 100%<80 ;
    Mesh Density : ≥0.6g/Cm3;
    Residual Solvents:Conform Current Ph.Eur;
    Pesticides :Conform Current Ph.Eur;
    Packaging And Storage: Kraft Paper Bag, Double Inner Film Bag Inside...
  • Product Integrated Data-Driven Research & Development

    • Industry leading approach to integrate critical path activities for the most efficient delivery of IND-enabled clinical candidates, in multiple disease areas and therapeutic modalities • Fully integrated, modality-agnostic resources from ideation through to development incorporating critical com...
  • Product Research & Development

    Discovery - Biology, Lead Optimization, Libraries, Synthetic & Medicinal ChemistryDevelopment - Chemical Process R&D, Fermentation, Formulation Development, High Potency, Kilo Lab & Small Scale Manufacturing, Lipid Nanoparticle, Method Development/Material Science, Rare/Orphan, Separation Scien...
  • Product Hydroxyproplyl Beta Cyclodextrin USP43-NF38

    Hydroxyproplyl Beta Cyclodextrin are purified polydisperse products resulting from the controlled reaction of propylene oxide and native beta-cyclodextrin. Hydroxypropyl beta-cyclodextrin is itself very soluble in water (greater than 500 mg/ml at room temperature compared to 18 mg/ml for beta-cyclodex...
  • Product Custom Protein Synthesis

    We provide a Custom Protein Synthesis Service, using a chemical method that synthesises proteins amino acid by amino acid and making modifications on an atomic-scale. We work closely with our partners in designing, customising and optimising the proteins that is synthesized in an automa...
  • Product Expert Biophysical Characterization with Cutting-Edge Technologies

    August Bioservices has a Binding Technologies Toolbox that is second to none.

    These case studies highlight our biophysical characterization capabilities, including the state-of-the-art TRIC (Temperature Related Intensity Change) technology which can provide new insights into protein-small molecule b...
  • Product Cortellis Drug Discovery Intelligence™

    Biology, chemistry and pharmacology data –all in one place. Cortellis Drug Discovery Intelligence™ can help fine chem manufacturers and custom synthesis organizations grow their business by finding and prioritizing new opportunities:

    -Access integrated chemistry, organic synthesis and drug pip...
  • Product Biotech Pioneers - State of the Art CDMO in Nashville, TN

    August Bioservices is a US-based CDMO offering end to end outsourced services that support our pharma and biotech clients' projects throughout the drug discovery, development and manufacturing lifecycle.

    This piece highlights the company's $65 million expansion investment and the impact on the local...
  • Product PvEdge - Pharmacovigilance & Safety Database

    PvEdge 360* End-To-End safety database provides comprehensive analyses of adverse events arising from the use of pharmaceutical products (Drug, Medical Device or Therapy, Vaccine). It is an advanced Pharmacovigilance solution that helps combat the complexity of the safety data and comprehensively cater...
  • Product QEdge - Enterprise Quality Management Suite

    QEdge is an enterprise-wide Risk based, Quality management Software to ensure product Quality and regulatory compliance, and Audit Readiness.

    ·QEdge eQMS has configured 60 + Process

    Data Integrity Part 11 (21 CFR Part 11, Annex 11) compliant Risk ...
  • Product N1-MethylpseudoUridine-5'-Triphosphate

    N1-MethylpseudoUridine-5'-Triphosphate is a modified NTP for incorporation into messenger RNAs (mRNA) using T7 RNA Polymerase. Incorporation of N1-methylpseudouridine can reduce the immunogenicity of the resulting mRNA. The sodium form N1-MethylpseudoUridine-5'-Triphosphate Sodium (B2706-358101) is in stoc...
  • Product Polyquaternium 1

    Polyquaternium 1 is an ophthalmic preservative.
  • Product Sravathi AI Drug Discovery Platform

    Drug Discovery
    • New Target identification • New Molecule Generation
    • Lead Discovery and Optimisation 
    • Off -Target information 
    • Property predictions 

    Chemistry AI

    • Route of Synthesis 
    • Impurity Prediction 
    • Toxicity predi...
  • Product NanoAssemblr® Spark™

    Transformative medicines start with novel materials that can be costly or in limited supply. The NanoAssemblr® Spark™ is ideal for screening novel genetic medicine formulations because it provides unmatched sample recovery, intuitive operation, rapid production, robust process to minimize user variabi...
  • Product British National Formulary

    The first choice for concise medicines information. 

    The content is revalidated, revised, and updated on a monthly basis, making sure teams have access to the very latest knowledge on all licensed indications and preparations from the UK.

    Find out more about ...
  • Product Pharmaceutical Excipients

    The world’s most authoritative source of information on excipients

    The Handbook of Pharmaceutical Excipients is the definitive summary of excipient specifications including pharmacopeial information and their regulatory status, providing you with a one stop resource when researching an e...
  • Product Structural Biology - cryoEM

    Attaining atomic resolution biomolecular structures using cryo-EM is now a ubiquitous reality. Biortus sees great potential in cryo-EM for its use in structure-based drug discovery. From large protein/protein complexes, membrane proteins, proteins with dynamic conformation to viral structures and epitope m...
  • Product Research & Development

    Manufacturing Research: 

    Over 200 products in 8 therapeutic categories available in various dosage forms including:
    • Controlled release tablets • Mouth dissolving tablets • Effervescent tablets • Bi-layered tablets • Enteric coated pellets • Dry syrups • SuspensionPellet in...

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