The Edelmann Group is a leading global provider of high-quality board and paper packaging solutions. Edelmann develops and manufactures folding cartons, leaflets, rigid boxes, combi cartons, wet labels and corrugated boxes for the health care, beauty care and consumer brands markets at its sites across Germany, France, Poland, Hungary, Mexico, China, Brazil, India and the USA. Driven by innovation and cutting-edge technology, Edelmann works closely with its customers and partners to create packaging solutions that far transcend the traditional folding cartons by crafting true packaging experiences. The company has more than 3,000 employees worldwide and produced more than 4.7 billion folding cartons and rigid boxes, as well as more than 1,3 billion leaflets in 2018.

The health care market is driven by strict guidelines and regulations in order to constantly improve safety and handling of products. Increasing regulations require serialization for pharmaceutical packaging. Packaging must be able to be traced and identified uniquely. Originality and proof against manipulation must also be guaranteed. The Edelmann Group offers convincing packaging solutions and full service to fulfil these international regulations. Edelmann applies all required markings and codings, such as Chinese CFDA barcoding and Russian Crypto coding, and offers folding cartons with tamper-evident closures, such as the unglued CElock closure. Furthermore, Edelmann presents innovative packaging solutions such as folding boxes with integrated leaflets to improve patient compliance. The Edelmann Group is a reliable, innovative partner, supporting its customers with extensive advice to implement new processes. For more information, visit

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