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EquipNet Inc.


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EquipNet is the world's most comprehensive surplus asset management company. We are appraisers, brokers, and auctioneers of laboratory instrumentation and manufacturing equipment. Since 1999, EquipNet has been revolutionizing the way companies manage their surplus assets. In all cases, our clients benefit from hundreds of years of combined experience of our global workforce and an umbrella of support from our Project Managers who make sure that goals are met and deadlines are kept. Whether it's surplus asset tracking, equipment redeployment, sales or purchasing second-hand equipment, our broad range of services allows clients to generate a significant amount of previously unidentified funds from assets that have just been sitting idle. Taken individually, our services help customers meet various independent challenges. When combined, however, our services seamlessly unite to provide a comprehensive surplus asset management program.

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Sales markets Western Europe; Eastern Europe; Middle East; Asia; North America; Central/South America
Primary business activity Service
Affiliated categories: API Contract Manufacturing |Contract Manufacturing |Contract Packaging More

EquipNet Inc.

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