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Tara Dougal
26 Sep 2022

Establishing your digital marketing strategy - a visual guide

Are you looking to generate qualified business leads year round, boost your brand exposure and stand out from the competition? Establishing a compelling digital marketing strategy will help you achieve all the above, and more. 

The last few years have demonstrated the need for pharma service providers to reduce reliance on face-to-face events in their outreach campaigns for connecting with new and existing clients. With the pandemic continuing to impact in-person events across the globe, online engagement with clients has evolved from an optional benefit to a necessity.



Here are five strategies to help you engage with your target pharma audience all year round, no matter what the world throws your way.

  1.  Don't be shy, let Pharma find you   

Live events measure success with booth traffic. Online, success is measured with page traffic and page views – so leave that digital footprint!

Maintaining an online presence can be a difficult task in a highly competitive environment, with large pharma companies dominating search traffic.

Consider circumventing this by:

A presence on an existing platform with a high value audience, like CPHI Online, where you can share your product portfolio, whitepapers, articles and more.

Harness the power of digital advertising to get your brand in front of the right people – did you know the CPHI Online newsletter has 127,000 weekly subscribers?

   2.  Content creation isn't just for influencers    

Storytelling isn’t just for novelists – content marketing with in-depth narratives can translate complex information into something more palatable and keep your audience engaged.

With new discoveries happening everyday in pharma, it’s important to keep information fresh and relevant for your audience.

To stand apart from the competition, why not try:




  Trend reports

CPHI offers a suite of digital products that can help establish your brand as an industry thought leader.

   3.  Innovate to Accumulate    

Pharma is an inherently innovative industry so don’t be afraid to innovate in your digital marketing strategy too.

New approaches to lead generation and engagement allows for new opportunities to inspire and engage pharma decision makers and create fresh business opportunities.



A great vehicle for driving leads and promoting your brand as an industry thought leader. The CPHI Webinar series saw an average of 700 qualified leads generated for clients across 2021.


If you’ve got a specific solution to promote, whitepapers offer a great way to explore product technicalities in-depth, giving you a list of hot leads to target.


Providing in-depth analysis of a topic can both capture an audience’s initial attention and keep them engaged while establishing your brand as a subject matter expert. Long-form pieces such as reports are ideal as gated lead generation content.



   4.  Scientists as Influencers    

Your R&D team, executive leadership, and other experts can be great assets outside the lab.

Spotlighting them with written interviews, podcasts, or a webinar is a great way to share your brand’s innovations with those who know best.


   5.  Don’t Forget the Power of Virtual Events    

As the world opens up again, don’t dismiss the power of virtual events. Online matchmaking opportunities can bridge the time between in-person events with significant ROI for pharma companies.

With the pandemic changing the face of networking and business potentially forever, pharma businesses should regard digital marketing solutions as an important part of their long-term audience engagement strategy.


Virtual events offer:

  Access to wider audiences

  Structured networking 

  Valuable lead funnels


For more information on how CPHI can help elevate your digital marketing strategy, take a look at our Digital Products or contact our team for a personalised proposal.

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