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EUROMEDEX was established in 1984 as an International Pharmaceutical Wholesaler. Headquartered in Strasbourg - France, EUROMEDEX is a recognised Pharmaceutical Service Provider. The company aims at the provision of any drug, medical device and food supplement for improving the quality of health throughout the world.

EUROMEDEX works in accordance with pharmaceutical standards and proposes ...

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Products from Euromedex (3)

  • Pharmaceutical Export Development

    Product Pharmaceutical Export Development

    EUROMEDEX Export Development has its own representative offices located in Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Caucasus Countries. Closely with Marketing Authorization Holders, 120 high skilled EUROMEDEX people are carrying out initial market research, regulatory affairs, promotion, pharmacovigilance, export ...
  • Pharmaceutical International Distribution

    Product Pharmaceutical International Distribution

    EUROMEDEX International Distribution has more than 200 000 drugs, medical devices, cosmetics and food supplements available for sale on the international market. Daily, on request, EUROMEDEX provides them worldwide.
  • Pharmacovigilance

    Product Pharmacovigilance

    All pharmaceutical companies have to comply with safety regulations concerning health products: drugs, medical devices, cosmetics…EUROMEDEX Safety Department proposes to partners a customized and outsourced solution, from collection of individual case safety reports to transmission to competent authorities.