Ferovital line

Ferovital line
Product Description

Ferovital line - better bioavailability liposomal iron products.
Ferovital advantages:
• Uniquely coated using liposomal technology
• Allows the molecule to pass through the stomach, this result in better bioavailability
• Avoids gastrointestinal irritation, no metallic taste
• Directly absorbed through the lining of the gastrointestinal tract
• No oxidation of fats and vitamins
• Gluten, lactose and sugar free 

Ferovital folate, capsules: liposomal iron + folic acid
Ferovital forte, capsules: liposomal iron + Vitamin C + Vitamin B12 
Ferovital TABS, chewable tablets: liposomal iron + Vitamin C

Aconitum UAB

  • LT
  • 2017
    On CPHI since

Aconitum UAB

  • LT
  • 2017
    On CPHI since

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