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  • Product RoSS.FILL: Automated Filling & Filtration System

    RoSS.FILL is a fully automated filling & draining system for single-use bags and bottles in different sizes and quantities. It facilitates maximum flexibility and scalability of both the filling and draining process. It is possible to attach filling racks for unlimited volumes per batch with ...
  • Product Aseptic Fill and Finish Processing

    From tabletop units for small batch processing to fully automated robotic lines for high-speed production, our modular components can be combined to create a customized solution for your aseptic fill-finish needs.
    • Cleaning • Depyrogenation • Decontamination • Filling • Lyophilization • Closi...
  • Product DecFill® Aseptic Filling Solutions

    DecFill® solutions are configured to meet a wide range of product and customer requirements. These include de-bagging, de-lidding and de-nesting units and various other options to accurately fill liquids, powders and gels into the various containers.To ensure highest process performance within a controlled...
  • Product Automatic Tube Filling & Sealing Machine

    DMC produces Automatic Tube Machines for filling and sealing plastic tubes.

    Technical features: 
    • Touch screen control panel • Automatic loading and positioning of the tubes • Pre-filling tube retractor • Automatic orientation of the tubes through reading the mark from a...
  • Product Single-Use Assemblies

    Custom-engineered and overmolded assemblies best-suited for single-use applications.
  • Product Filling & Closing Machines for Liquid Products in Nested Syringes (RTF)

    Groninger & Co. Gmbh offers a wide range of products which includes nested syringes. It perfected the efficient processing of nested pre-sterilized syringes. Technical solution prevent any possibility of microbiological contamination. High flexibility, short changeover times and excellent processing qu...
  • Product Component Processing System

    Loading StationProcess Station
    Transfer Station
    Bag Filling Equipment
  • Product RoSS.PADL: Homogenizing Platform

    RoSS.PADL is a platform to standardize cooling/heating of your single-use bag while it is gently kneaded to ensure a homogenous mixture of your substance. The cooling/heating mechanism ensures that the correct temperature is maintained. In addition, the biocontainer can be filled during the p...
  • Product Filling & Closing Machines for Liquid Products in Syringes in Bulk

    Groninger & Co. Gmbh offers a wide range of products which includes syringes in bulk. Gmp- compliant aseptic processing of syringes and components that can rely on: innovative, high-end, precise and absolutely safe. It consist of process of cleaning, sterilizing, filling and closing, syringe assembly, ...
  • Product Biocana® Autocontrol Impulse Heat Sealer

    Biocana® autocontrol Impulse Heat Sealer is specially designed for Tyvek/HDPE steam sterilization bag sealing, which has functions of heat sealing and cutting. Biocana® autocontrol impulse heat sealer has the advantages of verifiability, audit trail, meeting GMP requirements.

  • Product ATS Life Sciences Hull i-Dositecno A-MICRO BI

    This unit offers a minimized starwheel in tandem withdialed in servo control and flexibility. Trayed vials and/or nested vials/syringes/cartridges are introduced forfill finish. Vials are weighed/filled and closed (stoppersand optional caps.) 2 up filling alternatives give the usera range of outputs and fl...
  • Product Stericlean robots range

    As the result of our experience in the field of life science and in-depth consultation with leaders in the pharmaceutical industry, Stäubli has adapted its well-established range of cleanroom industrial robots to meet the stringent requirements of the increasingly prevalent HPV (Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor) de...
  • Product Darwin - Machine Performance Finder

    Darwin, the Machine Performance Finder, offers various intelligent features to identify concrete optimization potentials of an automated machine. In this way, it significantly increases the performance level of the machines.

    The Machine Benchmark learns a virtual ideal process on the basis ...
  • Product DataCollector - High performance IT Infrastructure for Manufacturing

    The plus10 DataCollector provides a high-performance data infrastructure for the acquisition and pre-processing of machine data from any source such as sensors, machine or robot controllers. Its simple configuration and implementation transforms machine data into Big Data and creates value through high-fre...

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