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1 Nov 2022

From the floor - CPHI Frankfurt 2022

The live blog from the people on the ground at CPHI Frankfurt - covering all stand-out news, memorable moments, and keynote updates from the 2022 event. 

Authored by Editors Vivian Xie and Lucy Chard 

3 November 2022

That's a wrap from the pharma content team at CPHI Frankfurt! 
We've all had a brilliant week, overseeing sessions, meeting with partners and attendees, and of course, joining the conga line at the awards ceremony. 

Keep a look out for all the interviews and content from the event still to come. 

Cheers and see you all next year! 

Over in Europa Room, Hall 4.0, consumer health trends were the centre of discussion.

Host David Ridley, Senior Editor - Europe-HBW Insight at Citeline, kicked-off the session with a look at patient agency in healthcare: "Self-care has become a part of healthcare. There's a really holistic approach to healthcare that has a role in the consumer health space. The pandemic has changed how people think about their health - people are concerned about prevention"

Founder and Managing Director of LODAAT LLC Rajiv Khatau echoed these sentiments, highlighting the gut microbiome and sports nutrition as huge trends in the consumer market. "During COVID, when people were sometimes working out even more at home, they're trying to find other areas to continue that area of their health even more... The consumer is really looking at labels and trying to make sure they know what everything is," Khatau stated.

Roquette's Head of Marketing Nasser Syed included statements on sustainability, addressing an overarching theme of sustainable health and business practices at CPHI Frankfurt.

Finally, Raquel Mirabent Pages, Business Director - Consumer Health & Veterinary Health at Croda, gave drug developers and manufacturers some food for thought: "[Think] about the end consumer needs. Because of regulations, it is difficult to experiment. Start with the formulations and excipients. What we try to do is link the performance of our excipients with these [consumer] trends."

The pharma industry are stepping up their game in sustainability and protecting the environment, the key theme is that companies consider sustainability throughout out the entire supply chain, with stages designed with sustainability in mind. 

Carolin sets out the roadmap they have proposed in a cycle consisting of steps from raw materials - manufacturing - distribution - use and end of life. 

Back in the Product Innovation and Sustainability theatre today we've heard from PSCI about building responsible supply chains in in the pharmceutical industry. 
The panel of experts have discussed a range of topics, how we can use resources in learning and development to increase awareness in topics from the environment to ethics and human rights in pharma. PSCI offers a platform full of learning content to enable suppliers to move to identify their weaknesses and move to the next level. 

A panel from CPHI North America highlighted the importance of standardisation in ESG reporting - Greater standardisation needed for effective ESG reporting - Expert panel ( 

A human rights specialist, Aditi Wanchoo, from Novartis, stated:

"Leaning onto a collaborative model like this is very beneficial... going it alone is not going to solve problems, only when we collectively do this are we going to drive change in the pharmceutical supply chain".  

2 November 2022

Who said pharma is just about science? There's an art to it too!

Our talented caricaturist is capturing all the new ideas being shared in all of our different sessions. Come find us in Hall 4.0 to learn and enjoy some fine art.

All fun and games on the conference floor this week! 
Sterling Pharma Solutions are reeling people in with this game in their booth in Hall 9.0.

Thrilled to chat to Lonza about their small molecules division, delving into all the exciting new projects they are working on including biologics and cell and gene therapies, keep an eye out for the interviews with the Lonza team to come! 

We caught up with Procaps to discuss their latest capsulation technologies, and to celebrate their 20th anniversary of participating in CPHI events. As one of a few Colombian companies present at CPHI events, this marks a significant milestone in the company's history. 

To round out their booth, Procaps served fresh Colombian coffee for some much-needed fuel.

A new day brings new opportunities! We're back at it again for the second day of CPHI Frankfurt with a bang.

1 November 2022

A number of interesting talks were held in the sustainability hall, including a session on 'Why the Pharma industry must address their carbon footprint'. 
This session highlighted the importance of considering the impact of pharma companies on the environment, and the close link between planet health and human health. 

There is still much work to be done, with 99.9% of devices still not being particularly 'green' - clearly demonstrating how far there is to go. 

The talk was concluded by highlighting three main areas: insights, collaboration, by sharing different functions and data and solutions between companies and finally, accountability, changing practices and ensuring everyone is focused on the same journey to achieve a more sustainable world. 

Congratulations to all of the winners from last night's awards ceremony! 
Each of the nominees have contributed so much to the pharmaceutical industry and the ceremony was a brilliant opportunity to celebrate all of our contributors. The winners in each category were so deserving and have been integral to driving change and progress across their fields of expertise. 

Elisabeth Stampa's opening speech highlighted important areas where we have seen innovation, such as in nitrosamines, biosimilars, in patient centricity and patient compliance, and packaging solutions. She stated how improvements in medicine reduce the need for more invasive therapies such as surgery, which in turn improves human health. 

Stampa acknowledged the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic for the pharma industry such as border closures and lockdowns and altered freight and transport routes, but how the pharmaceutical industry was called upon in this time of need and overcame these challenges to bring some semblance of normality. 

"Politicians sort quick research and development to bring vaccines to market, quicker than ever before... We were called upon like never before, and I like to think we delivered"

Efforts the industry have made in other crisises affecting the world today were touched upon, Elisabeth stating how medicines and sanitary products have been donated to aid those affected by the war in Ukraine, and how sustainability is now held as a dominant consideration for improving overall human health. 

Tonight we're holding the CPHI Pharma Awards 2022 in celebration and recognition of industry innovators driving pharma forwards through people, products, and performance. We're really looking forward to this opportunity to network with all of our peers and enjoy being back at the world's largest pharma event.

Our keynote speaker tonight is Elisabeth Stampa, CEO of Medichem, S.A. and President of Medicines for Europe. 

Good luck to all shortlisted entries, we're happy to be celebrating your successes!

We're here at Lonza CHI's session 'Lessons from the Future: Cannabis and Psychedelic Industries'! 

Featuring speakers Monica Vialpando (Founder and CEO, Via Innovations), Amber Wise (Scientific Director, Medicine Creek Analytics), Markus Roggen (President and Chief Scientific Officer, Delic Labs), and George McBride (Chief Commercial Officer, Clerkenwell Health), this session covers a transatlantic perspective on the emerging medical markets of cannabis and psychedelics.

Read our pre-show interview with Monica to find out more.

Don't forget to tune into our Livestream of the CPHI Pharma Award ceremony tonight. The session will start at 18:40 CET, so head over to our LinkedIn profile to watch!

CPHI Pharma Award ceremony livestream

Welcome to the first day of CPHI Frankfurt! 

The long awaited in-person event kicks off today with companies from all over the world in attendance. 
Each hall is filled with booths showcasing the lastest innovations from our well-known pharmaceutical giants. 
The day has a wide range of sessions on offer from ingredients and supply chain innovations, packaging, drug delivery and patient centricity, to sustainability and future innovations. 

Sustainability is a core focus of this year's event, and we are looking forward to seeing how each brand is addressing this important issue. 

Workshops are avaliable from industry experts throughout the 3 day event, with Samsung Biologics hosting a learning lab over lunch today, which you can register for here: Europe ( 

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